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Your Basket Is Empty is a Digital Commerce Agency. We help consumer brands navigating £5m - £50m in revenue make better commercial decisions. We do this by evaluating people, process, technology and customer experience to produce a digital roadmap which is delivered and managed by us. Our podcast and newsletter aim to inform, inspire and entertain the modern commerce community. We do this by highlighting the most interesting industry news and sharing the stories and practical advice of agencies, brands and original digital thinkers.

Last Episode Date: 15 May 2024

Total Episodes: 123

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15 May 2024
Ep 119: B2B at scale with Peter Gough, Chief Operating Officer at ROKA London

We discuss the advantages and challenges of independent retailers, what it’s like to work with distributors, why international expansion is an good B2B strategy - albeit harder than most think, balancing D2C and B2B and why the brand world trumps agency land. …………...

29 min
8 May 2024
Ep 118: Is B2B the biggest growth opportunity in commerce right now? With Jason Greenwood, B2B eCommerce Specialist & Consultant

We discuss where the biggest B2B opportunity are (B2B2C or B2C2B), whether modern D2C playbooks are informing modern B2B playbooks, the B2B and broader market opportunities in LATAM - where Jason currently lives, and what market places are winning and losing in 2024.

26 min
1 May 2024
Ep 117: Defining modern B2B with Alex Weston, Sales Director at SparkLayer

We discuss the definition and confusion of B2B, the different angles and channels B2B brands are faced with, what B2B2C and B2C2B brands can learn from each other, the emergence of B2B buyer experiences and what it means for B2B buyer personalisation and whether we need to r...

33 min
24 April 2024
Ep 116: Is the future of commerce Headless or low code? With Martin Jensen, Co-founder at Centra

We discuss Martin’s journey from McKinsey to Centra, how a technology roadmap is developed and deployed, the impact VC funding has had on the eComm vendor market, the convergence of generative Ai and low code, what low code is doing to the agency landscape, the pros and co...

30 min
17 April 2024
Ep 115: Life after a big replatform with Hannah Bennett, Head Of Digital at Paul Smith

We discuss the reasons behind their move away from Magento, their technology decision process, the unique relationship they have with their agency (Limesharp) and how this helped shape a successful replatform, timeline and KPI expectations of the project, the keys to success...

32 min
10 April 2024
Ep 114: The intersection of content and commerce, with Magnus Hillestad, Co-founder and CEO, Sanity

We discuss what structured content is and why it’s important, how much airtime Ai should be given when it comes to content, the differences commerce, media and tech companies take when approaching content, what it’s like to work with Morning Brew (one of my big inspirati...

30 min
3 April 2024
Ep 113: Is Magento dying? With Ed Bull, Co-founder at Limesharp

We discuss why they were early adopters of Magento, the impact of their Paul Smith case study on them and the wider market, how agencies make platform decisions, balancing platform relationships and the big question - will Magento be around in 10 years? …………. 📧 ...

30 min
27 March 2024
Ep 112: Will Ai be the future of all personalisation? With Rachel Tonner, VP of Marketing at Klevu

We discuss how they think about Ai internally, whether Ai will power all personalisation, whether brands are actually adopting Ai, what verticals are best suited for Ai, general musing on MACH and Headless and whether we’ll be talking about Ai and MACH in 5 years. ……...

30 min
20 March 2024
Ep 111: Will Headless agencies be relevant in 10 years? With Alessandro Desantis, Chief Strategy Officer, Nebulab

We discuss the history of eComm tech from custom to open source to SaaS, the impact automation and commoditisation is having on platforms and service providers, the convergence of commerce and media and how that impacts the market, whether agencies will become more boutique,...

31 min
13 March 2024
Ep 110: Are design-led brands the best use case for Headless? With Anton Johansson, CEO at Grebban

We explore what design-significant brands are, why Headless accelerators are useful from a speed to market perspective, the key to finding harmony between brand and eCommerce metrics, the power of subscription design services, the importance of a CMS in a Headless architectu...

30 min
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