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You Can Turn This Around-The Podcast-with Lazara Canton

Brand new podcast from Lazara Canton who is a Mentor/Guide to Senior Leaders & Influential Change Makers.

I am here to explore the connection between personal development and spiritual growth.

The joining point where the human experience of growth meets soul evolution.

Pushing ourselves to be the best version of us. 

Coming in to our true essence and power.

Lazara Canton.


Last Episode Date: 7 June 2024

Total Episodes: 18

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7 June 2024
Episode 17-“Taking A Leap Of Faith”-Skott Taylor

Episode 17 - Skott Taylor-Taking A Leap Of FaithSkott is the Global Head of Digital at Bridge Partnership. He’s also a Musician, an Actor, a husband & father.Skott works on Men’s Emotional Leadership & brings groups together to create a safe space for vulnerabili...

51 min
24 May 2024
Episode 15-"Become An Expert On Being Yourself" with Renn Wöhr

Episode 15 - Become An Expert On Being Yourself, with Renn Wöhr Join me & my guest Renn as we discuss her unique ability to understand the different parts of herself. I’d never experienced a level of self awareness whereby the individual is able to, in the moment, off...

77 min
24 May 2024
Episode 16-"So What’s True, For You?"

Episode 16 - So What’s True, For You?”Join me as I share some excerpts from my morning pages & intuitive guidance. For this episode, relax, listen & allow the activation & stories to guide you to your truth.Some of it will deeply resonate & some won’t,...

22 min
17 May 2024
Episode 14- “The Magic Of Michael Edwards”

Episode 14 -  The Magic of Michael Edwards I’ve been following Michael for a few years & I’m blown away by his transformation.Join me as we chat about healing, letting go of the muck & embracing our own authenticity.Michael has been working with the best mentors...

58 min
10 May 2024
Episode 13-"The Art Of Becoming"-with Sheena Mason-White

Episode 13 - The Art Of Becoming I’m joined by Sheena Mason -White as we chat about our own stories of becoming.Sheena is a Human Design for Business Mentor, a great friend & The Queen of Reinvention.Her experiences & stories have resonated with me ever since we fi...

50 min
3 May 2024
Episode 12 - "There Is Only One Of Us In The Room"

Episode 12 - There Is Only One Of Us In The Room In this episode I share my experiences of living in different cultures, being accepted by many & what that’s taught me. I share the pain I feel when I experience conflict & hate because of our perceived differences.W...

23 min
28 April 2024
Episode 11 - "Who Are You Anyway?" with Tanya Creasser

Episode 11 - Who Are You Anyway?Tanya Creasser is a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Spirituality Teacher & is in the process of becoming something different - coming home to herself.Join Tanya & I as we discuss the roles society expects us to play. The goals our famili...

61 min
27 April 2024
Episode 10 - Marta Interviews, ME!

Episode 10 - Marta Interviews, ME!To celebrate reaching episode 10, I asked listeners to submit their questions & I got my brilliant friend, Marta - who’s the master at asking questions, to come on the show.The result is a fun & uplifting episode - I almost cried a...

59 min
18 April 2024
Episode 9-A Life-Changing Experience In La Costa

Episode 9 - A Life Changing Experience in La CostaHaving recently arrived to our Spain home, I’d felt the usual feelings of fear & being unsettled.Accept this time was different… In this episode I share a piece that I’d written shortly after arriving to marbella. ...

22 min
18 April 2024
Episode 8 - "Align With Your Soul Design"-with Kerstin Gruenling

Episode 8 - Align With Your Soul Design Join me & my brilliant guest Kerstin Gruenling as we discuss the impact Human Design has had on our lives. Kerstin is an award winning personal brand photographer and certified Human Design Coach. My intention at the beginning of 2...

56 min
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