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What’s Up Everybody

Come hang out and listen to Evan talk about his weekly experiences as well as past, present and future business endeavors


Last Episode Date: 18 March 2024

Total Episodes: 142

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18 March 2024
Episode 143

This week's episode features a visit from @taffythegrey to Bear Mountain Studios. Evan and Taffy unveil the cutting-edge plasma RBR collaboration, offering insight into its operation. In addition, Taffy opens up about his foray into the glass blowing universe and his progres...

57 min
12 March 2024
Episode 142

This week Evan starts off by catching up from the last couple weeks. Talking about the challenges from being sick as a business owner and operator, showing off a prototype tube and what kind of “chops” you get from different pieces. Evan shows off some insane collabs he'...

55 min
14 February 2024
Episode 141

After over 100 episodes, we're thrilled to announce a fresh podcast set and this first one featuring Cassandra! The co-owner of BMS. We indulge in hearty conversations about business and life, reflecting on our journey and discussing what's in store for Bear Mountain. We're ...

52 min
1 February 2024
Episode 140

This week Evan starts by introducing the dark clear pieces and the new BMS "signature" series. Taking the leap and investing in custom BMS colors, exciting collaborations Evan is currently brewing and the ones lined up for the future. Our passionate team at BMS is the backbo...

43 min
1 February 2024
Episode 138

As the year draws to a close at BMS, Evan is buzzing with gratitude for your unwavering support! Your encouragement has fueled his excitement for exploring innovative techniques and evolving style and function. Ranting about AI on Facebook, conspiracies and monks. The achiev...

54 min
1 February 2024
Episode 139

Evan discusses the New Year's progress at the shop, including acquiring new equipment to enhance tech skills and broaden product offerings. He also shares the challenges of creating RBR juggernauts, peculiar alien side rants, and engaging terp talk in this very stoney episod...

54 min
1 February 2024
Episode 137

Evan showcases the impressive features of the 18mm juggernaut RBR, 18mm double double bub, 18mm Fat Can, and 14mm DD RBR.

50 min
1 February 2024
Episode 136

Evan showcases the cutting-edge triple bubbler and the vibrant, 200 section encalmo tube. He's excited to discuss the intricate craftsmanship and his ambitious aspirations for the future of his headiest builds. Next stop, the break room, where you can join the buzz and engag...

45 min
1 February 2024
Episode 135

Evan unveils the captivating encalmo halo RBR and a few clear/color straight tubes! Dive into the mechanics of straight tube builds, immerse yourself in an engaging break room discussion about the intriguing assembly of double bub variations. Hold your breath as we inspect t...

47 min
1 February 2024
Episode 134

In this week's episode of the WUE Podcast, Evan presents some truly impressive glass pieces, highlighting their functionality and construction. Featured pieces include the Frankenstein HJR, two sizes of shower head bubblers, a hybrid flower/concentrate dry Sherlock and more.

38 min
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