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Wellnessible with Mikki Sachiko

Wellnessible or Wellness is Possible is here to help you achieve your life and wellness goals! Hosted by Mikki Sachiko, certified holistic health coach graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, & Founder of Wellnessible. Each episode explores wellness, life and growth mindset lessons with different change-makers, influencers and advocates to help you grow professionally and personally. Connect with us , ,


Last Episode Date: 18 May 2024

Total Episodes: 56

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18 May 2024
Proven ways to improve your sleep

Improve your sleep with these proven tips curated from different studies and health experts like Dr. Matthew Walker, American Psychological Association and more.Mikki also shares her sleep habits from sleep tracking devices, simple mindset switches, and her experiments relat...

23 min
4 March 2024
How to let go of bad habits and create better ones with Dr. Salvacion Villafuerte

Dr. Salvacion Villafuerte & Mikki Sachiko talked about creating and maintaining good habits.Get insights to help you avoid harmful habits like smoking or bad eating habits.Learn tips to become relentless with your goals, even when there are days you don't feel motiv...

33 min
27 December 2023
Recharging Resilience: Managing Stress and Change Fatigue Through 7 Types of Rest

Physical rest is not the only kind of rest we need, there are total of 7 rests that are important. Listen for some tips for both personal and workplace scenarios.We gathered practical tips from different experts and personal lessons from Mikki Sachiko so you can  transition...

31 min
4 October 2023
The Mind-Body Connection: How Food Affects Your Mood and Mental Health with Elika Tasker

The food you eat and mental health are highly connected.Learn fun recipes and habits for boosting your brain health, the importance of getting your DNA and gut health tests with Nutrition & Energy Coach, Restaurateur, Elika Tasker of is also a globe-trotti...

62 min
23 September 2023
How to enhance your performance using light therapy and the truth about purpose-driven business with John Graham Harper, Lumaflex CEO

John Graham Harper speaks to Mikki about his journey from being an athlete, bodybuilder, boxer to being the CEO of Lumaflex and Founder of WCFN Fight Federation, a role which he pushed for to create positive impact while promoting sports.The two also chat about the clinical ...

56 min
23 September 2023
Wellnessible Podcast Trailer

Wellnessible or Wellness is Possible  is a: Health and Career Podcast show Wellness Coaching for teams and companies  Advocating to help you be healthy and stay healthyFollow us on Instagram: our campaigns at

2 min
28 August 2023
How to take risks and create fulfillment in your life using yoga, manifestations, and healing through science with Claudia von Uckermann

Growing pain, quantum physics, healing, law of attraction, & yoga chats over a cup of tea between Claudia von Uckermann and Mikki Sachiko.In this Wellnessible Podcast's Season 6 Episode 1, you'll  learn how to take more risks as Claudia shares her story of tra...

50 min
29 July 2023
How I use Growth Mindset to overcome fear of failure and develop my business, health and career

Life will not be always smooth sailing.Researchers found that growth mindset is helpful for your learning, career and health goals. In this episode, Mikki discussed some of her learnings and failures.This also covers the decades of scientific research shown by Stanford prof...

30 min
21 June 2023
Weight management tips and using exercise as medicine with Dr. Jansen Calalan

If weight loss is one of your wellness goals, learn tips from this Wellnessible episode on how to manage weight in an impactful,healthy and realistic way!This is the audio version of this video: Tough Mudder Philippines obstacle event.Featurin...

38 min
31 March 2023
Using the 5 Love Languages to practice self-love

Let's talk about some research, unique insights, and confessions about self-love.We are all work-in-progress, that's why it's important to dive into self-love practices so you can love yourself more while unlocking your health and career goals!An episode in co...

23 min
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