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Welcome to the Top Podcast

The podcast that provides you with what you need to succeed in the real estate world. Brought to you by the Collin County Association of REALTORS®.


Last Episode Date: 9 May 2024

Total Episodes: 94

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9 May 2024
Boost Your Global Standing in Real Estate: Pius Dawson Shares How to Expand Your Geographic Area of Expertise Across Oceans

On this week's Welcome to the Top episode, Pius Dawson, NAR Global Ambassador to Austria & Germany and Texas Realtor Global Liaison, discusses how REALTORS® can expand their geographic area of practice. Listen as Dawson addresses competency concerns, how global st...

16 min
22 April 2024
A Full Team Effort: Brandi Snowden Shares What Happens Behind the Scenes of Real Estate Market Research & Survey Creation

In this episode, we sit down with Brandi Snowden, the Director of Member and Consumer Survey Research at the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). Snowden sheds light on the fascinating world of real estate market research and survey creation. Have you ever read NAR&apo...

16 min
8 April 2024
Attempting to Be Helpful in the Most Inappropriate Way: Ericka Alvarez Shares How Agents Can Slip into Steering

Guiding clients on schools and the age of a neighborhood can quickly turn into steering if an agent is not careful. On this week's episode of Welcome to the Top,  Ericka Alvarez, Managing Broker at Coldwell Banker Rockwall, Past President of the Collin County Women’s...

12 min
4 April 2024
The Train Has Left the Station: CCAR Leadership Discuss NAR's Settlement

Listen as CCAR President Jamuna Thill,  President-Elect Jennifer Parker, Secretary/Treasurer Kyle Paris, and Immediate Past President Shana Acquisto discuss NAR's proposed settlement. Listeners will hear from CCAR Executive Committee members as they share their though...

37 min
22 March 2024
Your Net Worth is Your Network: A Crash Course in Building Your Professional Network with Kyle Paris

Tune in to gain valuable insights and actionable tips from Kyle Paris, CCAR Secretary/Treasurer, on how to build and leverage professional relationships in the real estate industry. In this episode, Paris answers essential questions such as:1) How crucial is it for a real e...

19 min
11 March 2024
A Whole Different Animal: Nancy Wallace-Laabs Shares How to Build Legacy Wealth Through Investment Properties

Today’s episode is for anyone who is considering buying an investment property but feels stuck. Our guest, Nancy Wallace-Laabs, Coach, Consultant and Short-Term Rental Educator, meets you where you are but refuses to leave you there! If locating and evaluating an investme...

16 min
20 February 2024
Sellers Need to Understand How Serious It Is: A Can't Miss Seller Disclosure Q&A With Bob Baker

The Seller Disclosure Notice is a critical part of a residential transaction. Spend ten minutes with Bob Baker, Broker and Instructor, to hear how to respond to incomplete forms, who is exempt from completing the form, what sellers are required to disclose, what to do with n...

9 min
9 February 2024
At Some Point It Has to Plateau: Barney Schwartz Discusses Rising Costs of Homeowners' Insurance

Homeowners' insurance policies are increasing, and everyone is feeling the burn! On this episode of Welcome to the Top, insurance expert Barney Schwartz discusses where and why insurance rates are increasing, if they will go back down, and strategies that can help homeo...

17 min
5 February 2024
2024 Hot Topics and Changes in Lending: Chase Crenshaw and Mark Jumper Share What You Need to Know

In this episode, guests Chase Crenshaw and Mike Jumper delve into the latest developments in lending policies and potential changes in credit scoring, providing insights that every real estate agent and investor should know. 

34 min
8 January 2024
Good Data In Means Good Data Out: Barry Hardman Shares Common MLS Violations

In the latest episode of Welcome to the Top, Broker and CCAR Instructor Barry Hardman dives deep into the often-overlooked world of MLS (Multiple Listing Service) violations. MLS plays a crucial role in the real estate industry, impacting both professionals and their client...

12 min
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