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Synopsis: Learn to protect and grow your wealth in this Business Times monthly podcast series for affluent individuals, hosted by BT wealth editor Genevieve Cua.

Podcaster: Genevieve Cua 

Produced by The Business Times, SPH Media Trust.


Last Episode Date: 21 April 2024

Total Episodes: 37

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21 April 2024
S1E37: This can make or break your retirement: WealthBT (Ep 37)

What’s the secret to a successful retirement? According to Christopher Tan, founder of advisory firm Providend, it’s not just good investing and financial planning, it’s also about contentment. Christopher shares his personal wisdom with BT’s Genevieve Cua.  Synops...

17 min
24 March 2024
S1E36: What’s next when shielding of Special Account is barred? WealthBT (Ep 36)

Some CPF members feel stopping the practice of “shielding” the Special Account is unfair, because they have lost the opportunity of a higher interest rate. But investing your CPF savings is more important than ever. What does this mean for your CPF returns? BT’s Genev...

17 min
25 February 2024
S1E35: Private debt: A golden age? WealthBT (Ep 35)

Private debt offers a stable, generally floating-rate income. But credit risks are elevated as financing conditions remain tight. Defaults are expected to rise. But some types of private debt carry lower risks than others. Synopsis: Learn to protect and grow your wealth in ...

14 min
21 January 2024
S1E34: Investing profitably in 2024: WealthBT (Ep 34)

What is the outlook for interest rates and the impact on stocks and bonds? What is the outlook for Singapore and China? And is it time to exit fixed deposits and invest in what, exactly? Genevieve Cua interrogates Kelvin Tay from UBS Wealth Management. Synopsis: Learn to pr...

20 min
24 December 2023
S1E33: Positioning your portfolio for 2024: WealthBT (Ep 33)

Markets are on a tear since the Federal Reserve signalled a pivot towards cutting interest rates in 2024. How should you position your portfolio? Here are some thoughts on bond yields; geopolitical risk in 2024; investing in value equities; and keeping faith in balanced port...

14 min
26 November 2023
S1E32: Powering up philanthropy for climate goals: WealthBT (Ep 32)

Philanthropy can be a source of catalytic and patient capital, and as such, can play a big role in the net zero transition. Blended finance is an avenue where philanthropists can join forces with public and private funds. Genevieve Cua speaks to Anthony Gao, head of philanth...

17 min
22 October 2023
S1E31: Prenups - Why enter into one and who benefits? WealthBT (Ep 31)

Why are couples entering into prenups, and sometimes at the urging of their families? A prenup or post-nup may potentially be an important tool for families who have multigenerational wealth in mind. Genevieve Cua speaks to Ivan Cheong, head of the divorce and family team wi...

19 min
24 September 2023
S1E30: How responsible is your portfolio? WealthBT (Ep 30)

Learn about key themes like circular economy, biodiversity, energy transition and health in responsible investing as Genevieve Cua discusses with Evelyn Yeo from Pictet Wealth Management Asia. Synopsis: Learn to protect and grow your wealth in this monthly Business Times po...

19 min
27 August 2023
S1E29: Insurance par plans: Still attractive? WealthBT (Ep 29)

Insurance par funds last year chalked up their worst returns over the past five years. But not all insurers reduced bonuses and your par plan’s bonus may still be intact - for now.  Are par savings products still worth your while?  Synopsis: Learn to protect and grow yo...

14 min
23 July 2023
S1E28: Market impacts of scarcity and how to position yourself: WealthBT (Ep 28)

Amid market volatility, it helps to distinguish between market noise and major trends. Scarcity of resources, labour and trust is already evident and will continue to drive markets. What are the impacts over the long run and how you can position your portfolio? Synopsis: Le...

16 min
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