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Wealth Time Freedom (WTF)

Personal development for personal finance. (Formerly The Passive Income Project)


Last Episode Date: 14 May 2024

Total Episodes: 111

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14 May 2024
#110 How to set your kids up for life

Text us a topic you want coveredJoin Terry and our new co-host Brooke Dawson, who brings thrilling personal news, as they dive into the vital topic of financial literacy for kids. This episode is crucial for parents eager to set their children on the path to financial indepe...

65 min
2 May 2024
#109 How to work WITH (not for) money to make your big dreams happen

Text us a topic you want coveredIf you're working harder and harder and the numbers are getting bigger but your life doesn’t feel like it's getting any better, this episode is for you. Join Terry as he reconnects with Mitch Parkins to uncover how he and his wife ...

61 min
26 April 2024
#108 SHOT | Use This Wealth Razor to Make Wise Money Moves

Text us a topic you want coveredFinancial decisions can be paralysing. In this SHOT ep Terry shares his most powerful tool for making money moves 10x simpler. This simple question will unlock clarity and conviction while ensuring you accumulate the most valuable asset you ca...

8 min
11 April 2024
Cate Bakos | Mastering Real Estate Investing And The Pursuit Purposeful Work

Text us a topic you want coveredDive into a transformative conversation with renowned buyer's agent Cate Bakos on this week's episode. Whether you're navigating your first purchase or aiming to expand your property portfolio, Cate's insights are invaluabl...

57 min
26 March 2024
How Personal Transformation Really Works: The Untold Story of The Cashflow Co

Text us a topic you want coveredIn a very different ep, Mitch hosts Ryan and Terry on share what they’ve learned about personal transformation and change building their business and helping others achieve their goals.You’ll hear the untold story of the business in detail...

61 min
25 February 2024
Avril Dunn | Reimagining Life and Work, and Facing The Fear of Change

Text us a topic you want coveredThis is one of our most dramatic transformations yet. In 18 months Avril Dunn has completely reimagined her life and career. Her future now looks nothing like her past. In this conversation, she takes us through where she’s been, where she ...

50 min
1 February 2024
#104 Brooke and John | From Bickering About The Little Things to Making the Big Things Happen

Text us a topic you want coveredIn this episode, Terry sits down with two exemplars of teamwork: Brooke and John Dawson. Their story of transformation is an inspiration for those who back each other, but find themselves bickering when it comes to money. 12 months ago, they ...

57 min
18 January 2024
#103 Does Paying for Financial Education Make Sense?

Text us a topic you want coveredDoes it make sense to pay money to make money? That is the question and in this episode, Mitch and Terry get to the heart of the matter. Because the truth is, there are times when it does, and there are times when it does NOT make sense.  The...

58 min
5 January 2024
#102 Debt Smart | When to Use Debt (and how much to use)

Text us a topic you want coveredTiming the market is impossible. Timing your life cycle is MUCH easier and extremely important when it comes to debt. In this episode, Ryan and Terry debrief the series and use three powerful tools to help you get the timing and serving size r...

69 min
2 January 2024
#101 Debt Smart | The Timeless Principles of Profitable Property Investing with Bryce Holdaway

Text us a topic you want coveredTime in the market buys alot of insight. In this episode, Bryce Holdaway delivers a masterclass packed full of 25 years of property investing wisdom. From his early forays and interest in property, this is a deep dive into the psychology and b...

71 min
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