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Warrior Wisdom With Thom Shea

Retired Navy SEAL, Thom Shea, discusses success and failures in life. Life is simple but not easy. Never forget to do three simple things every day.

Last Episode Date: 18 February 2024

Total Episodes: 267

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18 February 2024
281. Perspective of war

Stop watching other people.  You will never get good while watching because your perspective is different.  Get into living your life from your Point Of View.

2 min
27 September 2023
280. What if you just stopped quitting when life gets hard?

Erik Weir and Thom Shea talk about Unbreakable and Three Simple Things.  And how to Transition from war to civilian life.

35 min
21 September 2023
279. Warrior Wisdom: How to live "One more day"

Warrior Wisdom.  How would you live one more day?  What would you life be like if you didn't have to deal with your past or have to build toward your future?  What if you had just this day?

11 min
10 July 2023
278. Disillusioned human condition

The disillusioned human condition of being told things are other than they are.  The constant deception of the people by the media and by many politicians has caused our youth to not be capable of simple things that matter.

11 min
3 July 2023
277. Navy SEAL Independence Day: Earn Your Freedom

  Few of us even know freedom anymore. Teach your kids to earn it. freedom frē′dəm noun 1.  The condition of not being in prison or captivity. 2.  The condition of being free of restraints, especially the ability to act without control or interference by ano...

20 min
26 June 2023
276. Three Points of Authentic Communications

We all misunderstand what happens during any type of communications.  The first misunderstanding is we always believe what we hear.  The ears are designed to only think what they hear are true.  However, you need to have another sense back up that notion.   That is how ...

22 min
22 June 2023
275. Navy SEAL on suffering or struggle

Suffering is when you think things should be different.  When you think the struggle isn't what you need to do.  

22 min
19 June 2023
274. How to have Spartan Relationships

The ability to build a strong relationship is simple but not easy. All you need are three simple things: Listen without judgement Speak without drama Intimacy Learn how here Spartan Training

15 min
14 June 2023
273. What Makes Marriage Worth It?

Marriage to an alpha female makes the man stable and the family stable.  Marriage may be meant to build a stable environment so that each and grow and transform into their best selfs.  Submissive women never grow.

19 min
5 June 2023
272. How to have a Power Relationship

Relationships don't have to be complex.  They just have to be all in.  Nothing held back and no way out.   video can be seen on Youtube at @thomasshea

27 min
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