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Waldom Wired

Welcome to Waldom Wired, Waldom’s podcast delving into the core of B2B electronics manufacturing and distribution. Join us as we bring you an exclusive glimpse into the minds of industry leaders, exploring their experiences, innovations, and perspectives that shape the electronic components landscape. Tune in for an immersive experience, where industry expertise meets engaging storytelling. Stay ahead of the curve, gain a deeper understanding of the electronics industry, and unlock the secrets to success in this ever-dynamic world. Subscribe now and be part of the conversation shaping the future of the industry!


Last Episode Date: 11 April 2024

Total Episodes: 7

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11 April 2024
LIM Podcast Founder, Sannah Vinding, Advocates for Innovation in the Electronics Industry

Join us as Waldom, sits down with Sannah Vinding, Founder of Leadership in Manufacturing, an expert in product development and B2B marketing with over two decades of experience in the consumer electronics industry. Recognized for steering the Leadership in Manufacturing podc...

22 min
22 March 2024
ERA's CEO, Walter Tobin, Navigates Industry Challenges

Join Walter Tobin, CEO of the Electronics Representatives Association (ERA), and Waldom, for insights into the industry's future and strategies to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. They discuss ERA's educational initiatives and address the evolving role of distributors...

22 min
13 March 2024
Farnell's Global Category Director Industrial, Simon Meadmore Delves into Industry Insights

Join Simon Meadmore, Farnell's Global Category Director Industrial and Andjela Pasi, Waldom's Director of Global Marketing, as they delve into the industry outlook and Farnell's strategic partnership with Waldom. Listen to their discussion about the spirit of collaboration, ...

7 min
27 February 2024
TE's VP Global Sales, Sean Miller Discusses Sustainable Partnership with Waldom

Tune in as Sean Miller, TE's VP Global Sales and Chris Fetner, Waldom's VP Strategic Partnerships, discuss the 13-year partnership. From shared sustainability missions to navigating market challenges post-pandemic, the duo shares insights. Explore the success of Waldom's exc...

12 min
16 February 2024
RS's VP, Frank Cantwell, Explores the RS & Waldom Partnership Evolution

Explore the distribution landscape with Frank Cantwell, VP of Product and Supplier Management for RS in the Americas, as he discusses the 15-year partnership between RS and Waldom. Gain insights into the strategic changes, supply chain hurdles, and discover the tactics for o...

13 min
16 February 2024
WE's CEO, Jackie Mattox, Propels the Progress of Women in Leadership

Explore the journey of Women in Electronics with Jackie Mattox, Founder, President and CEO in this special episode. Gain insights from WE's data-driven approach, navigating challenges faced by women in leadership, and recognizing their distinct strengths. Learn about the col...

20 min
13 February 2024
Molex's VP, Fred Bell, Reveals Million Dollar Partnership Secrets!

Explore the pulse of the electronics market with Fred Bell, Molex's VP, and Graham Kilshaw, Lectrix's CEO. Discover the impactful Molex-Waldom partnership, highlighting Long Tail and Excess Inventory Solutions. Hear how Waldom, Molex's oldest distributor, secures millions of...

14 min
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