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Last Episode Date: 29 March 2024

Total Episodes: 215

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29 March 2024
Chaplain Alberto Adorno | Emotional Wellness - Audio

"Health & Wellness In Focus Program & Podcast" Episode #10 will broadcast Tuesday, April 2 at 11:00am EST. Our guest will be Chaplain Alberto Adorno of IU Health Academic Health Center. He will talk about his work as a chaplain at IU Hospitals and will share insigh...

27 min
22 December 2023
Managing Grief & Loss | Workshop with Jan Michell - Audio

Our guest is Jan Mitchell. The topic for Episode #9: "Managing Grief & Loss." Jan will share insights and expertise as a grief specialist. This workshop took place at New Covenant Church on December 6th, 2023. Jan Mitchell is a Mom, caregiver, widow, author, speaker &a...

37 min
20 October 2023
Dr. Michael W. French - A Faithful Approach to Neurology - Audio

Our guest is Pastor Michael W. French, MD. The topic for Episode #8: "A Faithful Approach to Neurology." Dr. French will share wellness insights from his expertise as a neurologist. Graduate of Indiana University Bloomington with an AB degree in Biological Sciences. Earne...

48 min
25 September 2023
Conversation with Rev. Joel A. Bowman, Sr. – "Mental Health Best Practices" - Audio

Mental Health Best Practices A discussion with Rev. Joel A. Bowman, Sr., MSW, LCSW Founder & Senior Pastor of Temple of Faith Baptist Church- Louisville, Kentucky Licensed Clinical Social Worker KEY DEFINITIONS MENTAL HEALTH includes our emotional, psychological, and...

48 min
27 August 2023
Your Voice Matters" Town Hall Meeting Intro Presentations - Audio

"Your Voice Matters" Town Hall Meeting August 24 hosted by the Wellness Connection! We appreciate all of our presenters and their interactive breakout sessions. Introductory presentations by presenters prior to their breakout sessions.

48 min
21 August 2023
Maintaining Balance: Dealing with Dementia - Audio

Jan Mitchell, AS Jan Mitchell is a Mom, caregiver, widow, author, speaker & grief coach. She is the founder of She Moves Forward, Inc. & The InnovativePR Co., LLC. She is the author of several publications, including two anthologies and...

24 min
7 August 2023
Am I Healthy? Youth and Young Adult Wellness Seminar - Audio

"Am I Healthy?" Youth & Young Adult Wellness Seminar Mindfulness Exercise with Lora Henderson Owner of Beautiful Mindz. Also Anti-Vape Tobacco Cessation education by Troy Julian Gipson of Indiana Black Expo

71 min
26 June 2023
Conversation with Dr. Debra Carter-Miller - Health & Wellness in Focus - Audio

Health & Wellness In Focus #3 THEME: A Conversation with Dr. Debra Carter-Miller, PROGRAM AND PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS • Program host is Min. Corey Jones, M.Div. • Dr. Carter-Miller shares her insights and experience as a medical doctor with a practice in urban Indianap...

51 min
22 May 2023
Healthy Mind, Healthy Life - Health & Wellness In Focus - Audio

Health & Wellness In Focus #2 THEME: Healthy Mind, Healthy Life PROGRAM AND PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS • Conversation with Beatrice Beverly (CMHW) sharing her life experience in navigating with a family member working through a mental illness diagnosis. • Talk by Min. Cor...

46 min
28 April 2023
Health & Wellness In Focus Introduction - Audio

Health and Wellness In Focus from the Wellness Connection. Your hosts are Bryan Hudson, D. Min. and Corey jones, M. Div. Learn more at our website,

28 min
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