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vBrownBag is a community of people who believe in helping other people. Specifically we work in IT infrastructure and we help other people in the IT industry to better their careers through education. Most frequent activity is producing the vBrownBag podcast. vBrownBag also attends global conferences to produce TechTalks and theater sessions.


Last Episode Date: 15 May 2024

Total Episodes: 96

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15 May 2024
A Builder's Guide: Getting Started with Generative AI with Du'An Lightfoot

🔍 Dive into the fascinating world of Generative AI with Du'An Lightfoot, Developer Advocate at AWS. In this episode Du'An provides a comprehensive overview of the cutting-edge technologies shaping our future 💡 Understand the basics of Generative AI, explore the comple...

26 April 2024
Terraform 1.8: Provider Defined Functions with Bruno Schaatsbergen

Join Bruno Schaatsbergen, DevRel Manager at HashiCorp, in this detailed walkthrough of Terraform 1.8's new feature: Provider Defined Functions! 🔍 What you'll learn: - Introduction to Provider Defined Functions: Discover what Provider Defined Functions are and why they'r...

49 min
19 April 2024
Terraforming Azure: Boldly Going Beyond 'azurerm' with Mark Tinderholt

Star Trek puns incoming! Red Alert! Join Mark Tinderholt as he captains a journey through the uncharted territories of Azure with Terraform in 'Terraforming Azure: Boldly Going Beyond 'azurerm'. This talk offers an overview of the landscape of Terraforming Azure, including ...

43 min
4 April 2024
vVols & Your Cloud Operating Model with Tristan Todd

For almost 10-years now, future-focused datacenter teams have been trying to evolve to more cloud-like operating model. Some of us have succeeded, some of use have failed. During this fun-filled, example-heavy session, Pure Storage Solutions Architect Tristan Todd will share...

55 min
29 March 2024
Revolutionizing Healthcare: AWS Serverless for Easier EHR Processes | Danielle Heberling Explains

Dive into the future of healthcare with AWS Hero Danielle Heberling as she unveils the transformative power of AWS Serverless services in streamlining electronic health records. In this insightful presentation, Danielle sheds light on the previously cumbersome medical record...

58 min
21 March 2024
Modernizing Healthcare Delivery with AWS Serverless Services

AWS Hero and Senior Software Engineer Danielle Heberling joins us to talk about AWS Serverless in the modern healthcare space!

60 min
16 March 2024
Master Job Hunting in 2024: AWS Hero Andrew Brown's Essential Tips & Mistakes to Avoid

Join us in this insightful interview with AWS Hero and ExamPro CEO, Andrew Brown, as he unravels the secrets of navigating the 2024 job market. 🌟 Discover Andrew's proven strategies for successful job searching and learn the critical missteps to avoid in your career journ...

57 min
16 February 2024
Real World AI Automation with Lambda & Bedrock presented by AWS Hero Ken Collins

In this episode we chat with AWS Hero & Principal Engineer at CustomInk Ken Collins about the future of AI: where your company or technology might lie & what you need to do NOW to make sure you still have a job. He's been working on a project that leverages Lambda &a...

61 min
9 February 2024
Developer Career Coaching & Level Up Projects with Bob Belderbos!

Bob Belderbos is a Software Developer, Python Coach, Mentor, Trainer, & Entrepreneur! In this Developer Career Coaching interview we talk about what developers should be learning when they are at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. We also get into how to us...

53 min
9 February 2024
State of AWS 2024 Survey with AWS Hero Pete Sankauskas!

Want to be a part of the State of AWS 2024? DO THE SURVEY!! In this episode, Pete walks us through the 2024 version of his annual AWS Survey and we review his findings from last year! #aws #survey #findings Intro music attribution: Ar...

57 min
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