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Uncensored Tactical Podcast

World class Training, Tactics, and Truth in an uncensored environment, free from red tape, specializing in Covert Entry, K9 Training, and more.


Last Episode Date: 9 May 2024

Total Episodes: 218

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9 May 2024
CloakedEntryCo Collaboration Course 2024 AAR

Dave and Pat discuss the latest CloakedEntryCo and UTAC collaboration course that just took place. The biggest takeaway so far is how awesome it is to leverage our new training facility for a full scale student experience that's hard to find anywhere else! The best way to su...

53 min
23 March 2024

Editor's note: We forgot to edit out the single f-bomb mid episode. Sorry. Also keep in mind... the title of our show (and our whole company, is "Uncensored...") We just got back in town from teaching another course for the people over at known as "T.E.E....

28 min
30 January 2024
Field KeyGen Course After Action February 2024

Maybe not our most viral topic, but one that is immensely important for the tactical training community - sharing our successes and failures for each course that we wrap up! This gives perspective attendees the chance to get a feel for what we have to offer, instead of simpl...

46 min
18 January 2024
The Lock Blocker and Access Denial

Today, Pat talk solo about a new product from Southern Specialties ( called "The Lock Blocker." While the UTAC curriculum is maindly designed around the concepts of Gaining Access, Keeping Access, and Sharing Access, the Lock Blocker represents an important...

47 min
15 December 2023
2023 Tactical Lock Picking Course Debriefings

Today, Dave and Pat talk about the last several courses that UTAC taught, including Tactical Lock Picking, Advanced Covert Entry Operations, Key Generation, and UTAC's first course at the new Training Compound in the middle of rural central Georgia! To get access to all of o...

43 min
1 December 2023
250 @BlindFury Learning Lock Picking With No Light

Today a long time student, and good friend, @BlindFury, joins us to discuss his journey of learning lock picking as someone who is visually impaired. BlindFury, Matt, has been a student of UTAC for around 4 years or so now, and has written articles for Covert Entry Magazine ...

48 min
21 November 2023
249 Lock Picking Back to Basics "Problem Solving"

Today, Pat and Dave hand out a beginner's gear list, as well as some starter techniques to look up, but more importantly they discuss how to approach learning and how to approach dedicating time money and energy into this unique and valuable skill set! To get access to our a...

59 min
9 October 2023
Tactical Lock Picking Books Volumes 1&2 Behind the Scenes

Today Pat and Dave give an overview of Uncensored Tactical's two newest published works on the lock picking craft: Volume 1 - Foundations, and Volume 2 - Field Key Generaiton. They also talk about some behind the scenes process info as well as some higher level book design i...

42 min
5 June 2023
Homesteading Locksmith Concepts

70 min
18 April 2023
Tactical Economics

Today Dave and Pat talk about real life decision making when it comes to where to spend your time, where to spend your money, and how to decide which things to not spend time and money on.  If you find value in this free content that we share with you, please consider suppo...

81 min
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