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Everything we do comes from the way that we think. How we conduct business, how we treat our fellow human beings, our levels of success, you name it... it starts in our minds. The time has come to get out of our own way, change the way we think, and begin the growth that we all desire. The time has come to Think Bigger.


Last Episode Date: 3 May 2024

Total Episodes: 62

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3 May 2024
Think Bigger Podcast, Ep. 62 - Community Conversations with T as she fights breast cancer!

This episode is special because our guest, T, spent time with me in person to talk and share her story with all of us the night before she went in to have surgery to remove both of her breasts. Yes, you read that correctly. She just finished 6 rounds of Chemotherapy and the ...

51 min
19 February 2024
Think Bigger Podcast, Ep. 61 - IF YOU'RE NOT GIVING, YOU'RE TAKING

IF YOU'RE NOT GIVING, YOU'RE TAKING - What does that mean? The reality is that there is no neutral ground, there is no time where we can get complacent and lazy and not be thinking about how we are contributing to our relationships and giving to our loved ones, our...

35 min
8 January 2024
Think Bigger Podcast, Ep. 59 - 2024: THE TIME IS NOW

The time is now! The time to... make a change, make progress on what you've been procrastinating on, eat better, exercise more, get healthier... anything and everything, THE TIME IS NOW. From people in the community whose lives have changed drastically due to a medical ...

39 min
16 February 2023
Think Bigger Podcast, Ep. 60 - Community Conversations with Mikey Rolleri of Salvage to Savage

On this new Community Conversations episode, we sit down in Boca Raton, FL, inside the Salvage 2 Savage shop with it's owner and founder, Mikey Rolleri. From his hardworking father to his creative mother, Mikey brings us into his relationship with his family, God, and t...

54 min
16 February 2023
Think Bigger Podcast, Ep. #58 - Community Conversations with Brandon of the BMS Brand

From racing shifter karts to wrenching on cars, to working at the ID Agency and Motortrend, to then creating his own company - the BMS Brand - my friend Brandon Scarpelli has an amazing resume and a work ethic and energy that is borderline unmatched. His successes and growth...

99 min
6 February 2023
Think Bigger Podcast, Ep. 57 - DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. It is because of your messages in person and on my IG livestreams, DM's, and comments, that I know how much the Think Bigger Podcast has and does mean to all of you. It is because of all of you that I have fought through my person...

45 min
27 July 2022
Think Bigger Podcast, Ep. 56 - Can you be successful and poor, Part 2

This profound rhetorical question and episode we explored in the beginning of the #ThinkBiggerPodcast (see Ep. 5) and we return as so much has happened recently to me and to people around me that it inspired a Part 2. Thank you for listening and thinking!I deeply appreciate ...

44 min
2 January 2022
Think Bigger Podcast, Episode #55 - FROM THE HEART

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are kicking off 2022 with Season 2 of the podcast. There has been SO MUCH going on in my personal life that has prevented me (or should I say, that I ALLOWED to prevent me) from being in the right frame of my mind to create for you guys. But it is because ...

62 min
18 May 2021
Think Bigger Project, Episode #54- Community Conversations with Sung Kang

On our newest episode of the podcast we sit down with the one and only Sung Kang. Perhaps most notably known for playing the beloved Han in the Fast & Furious movie series, his role in the fantastic movie Better Luck Tomorrow is where I first learned about Sung. Over the...

89 min
12 May 2021
Think Bigger Podcast, Episode #53 - Quality over Quantity... are you sure?

The people we spend time with, the social media pages we follow and like and subscribe to, the companies that we support... do our actions ACTUALLY show that we believe in quality over quantity like we all say we do? Or are we not actually putting in to practice in the REAL ...

66 min
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