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The Veterans Who Build Show

Veterans in C/RE, AEC, Materials, Brokerage, Finance, Industry Tech - all things Built Environment. A community to support one another via the Veterans Who Build platform, spotlighting military skills, stories, lessons, and advice, and translating into the business of the Built Environment Podcast Link: Host: Adam Stark | Founder at Jet.Build Special Forces Veteran | 500HR Yoga Trainer | Author The VWB Show is Sponsored by: Jet.Build: THE central command for RE development and construction management


Last Episode Date: 17 June 2024

Total Episodes: 9

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17 June 2024
09 Royal Mortier - Oregon Army National Guard Veteran, President of PLIRIS and FAFO Developments, Husband and Father

Summary Royal Mortier, president of Pleris Plans and Pleris Forensics, shares his journey from growing up in Oregon to serving in the military and pursuing a career in construction and engineering. He talks about his experiences in basic training, working in construction, an...

77 min
3 June 2024
08 Joseph Dattilo - 6.5 year US Air Force Space Force Veteran, Co-Founder of My Paint Buckets

Summary Joseph Dattilo, a six and a half year Air Force Space Command veteran, shares his journey from a childhood of moving around the United States and living in Guatemala to joining the military. He discusses the challenges he faced in basic training, the importance of le...

62 min
20 May 2024
07 Jack Hague - Army 1st Lieutenant, Deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom, now Senior Project Manager at Suffolk Construction NYC, Father of 3

Summary Jack Hague, a former Army First Lieutenant. He talks about his experience serving in the military and his deployment to Kandahar Province in 2010. Jack discusses his upbringing, his decision to join the military, and his time in ROTC. He also shares insights into the...

57 min
6 May 2024
06 Maor Cohen - IDF Special Forces Operator, Real Estate Lawyer, PropTech Founder and CEO

Summary Maor Cohen, an IDF special operations veteran, shares his journey from childhood to serving in the military and transitioning to civilian life. He discusses his motivation to serve, the selection and training process for special operations units, and highlights memor...

62 min
22 April 2024
05 Ron Nussbaum - Marine Corps Veteran, construction industry vet turned ConTech Founder and CEO, and podcast host

Summary Ron Nussbaum discusses his path from Marine enlistment to civilian life, covering bootcamp, Iraq deployment, and challenges transitioning. He shares insights on entering the construction industry and later founding a tech company, advocating for industry perception ...

54 min
8 April 2024
04 Dave Richards - Airborne Engineering Officer and AEC SVP

Summary Dave Richards shares his journey from growing up on a cattle ranch in Arizona to serving in the military as an airborne engineering officer. He then transitions to his civilian career at Granite Construction, where he takes on various roles and manages significant pr...

55 min
25 March 2024
03 Ryan Kovach - Artillery operator, Rockstar (literally), 1st Degree Jui-Juitsu Black Belt, AEC CMO, Author.

Summary Ryan Kovach shares his journey from growing up in a small town in Texas to serving in the military as a 13 Mike MLRS operator in Germany. After leaving the military, Ryan joined his mother's staffing company and eventually started his own marketing agency. He e...

58 min
11 March 2024
02 Chris Ricker - The OG Space Force: 20-yr Air Force Veteran Turned Tech Founder

Summary In this episode, Adam interviews Chris, a 20-year Air and Space Force veteran and the founder of They discuss Chris's background, his journey in the military, and his transition to the Florida National Guard and defense contracting. Chris als...

57 min
6 March 2024
01 Adam Stark - Introducing The Veterans Who Build Show, Supporting Heroes

Summary In this episode, host Adam Stark introduces the purpose and structure of the show, which focuses on veterans in the built environment. He explains that the show will highlight veterans' stories and their experiences transitioning from military to civilian life a...

32 min
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