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The Unconstrained Podcast

Join us on the journey towards financial independence and being unconstrained. Your host, Myles Wakeham, explores the art of financial sustainability and individual sovereignty resulting in a debt free lifestyle. If you want to be challenged by a contrarian, think outside the box and go against the grain, this show is for you. Myles has spent his life doing the polar opposite of the "social mantra" in multiple countries and this has resulted in extraordinary results. Open your mind to thinking different, and getting MUCH better results for your finance, freedom and family.


Last Episode Date: 26 May 2024

Total Episodes: 251

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26 May 2024
EP245 - Travel hacking and 2024 updates

Another episodic request from a listener on my travel hacking strategies and some updates in 2024 in how we are doing it.

48 min
19 May 2024
EP244 - Things I would have done differently at 30

Answering a listener's question, "What would have you done differently at the age of 30?".  Well this is the complete answer, and you might be surprised by it.

53 min
12 May 2024
EP243 - Getting out of dodge - The truth

I received this request for an episode from a listener. ‘First, thanks for doing the show.  I’ve been a loyal listener from back to the start.  I’m from the USA and I am uncomfortable with where things are heading here.  Can you explain your experiences with expatr...

81 min
5 May 2024
EP242 - Debt. Good or bad?

If you were to Google search the word ‘Debt’ you would find (in general) that most comments on it put it in a bad light.  Our parents taught us not to go into debt.  But after receiving a request from a listener to talk about debt, I’m going to give you the truth ab...

50 min
28 April 2024
EP241 - Affordable home security and surveillance

This was a request from one of our Patreon subscribers who asked, ‘Can you talk about home security and camera for home monitoring if you have experience with them’.  So here’s the answer to how I approach it.  Hope you can get some value out of this.

63 min
21 April 2024
EP240 - I'm done

After 5 years of doing this podcast, and other podcasts for my patrons, I’ve decided to stop doing it,  and will be stopping on episode 250.  Why?  Well take a listen and I’ll explain it all.

53 min
14 April 2024
EP239 - The current state of AI

This episode attempts to give a state of the union in regards to AI, where we are, where we are going and the social and freedom impacts of this massive change we are all going to be faced with in the short term.

48 min
7 April 2024
EP238 - Civil War

In 2024, at the recent SXSW convention in Austin, Texas, a movie was premiered that will be airing in April, called ‘Civil War’ by Alex Garland.  There’s been a lot of post-apocalyptic movies and TV series released over the past decade, but this one seems to have touc...

69 min
31 March 2024
EP237 - The consolidation

Over the past 10 or so years, I’ve been noticing the divide between rich & poor is changing. After the 2008 GFC, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement protested against the 1% owners of the world, at the expense of the 99%, but alas – this didn’t change a thing. In...

81 min
24 March 2024
EP236 - How a Mexican built her real estate portfolio from nothing

My wife & I were at a friend’s place in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico a few weeks back, and we were chaJng with a local Mexican lady who has built up a small fortune in real estate. When I asked her how she did it, it was a massive contrast to western methods and yet s...

44 min
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