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The Truth About Real Estate Investing… for Canadians

The Truth About Real Estate Investing... for Canadians is by Canadians for Canadians eh? The show is exactly that, we speaks truths, no get rich quick schemes, investing is a marathon, if you're looking to get rich quick this is not the place for you. Instead, we invest based on economic fundamentals using tried and true best practices that generate wealth for the long term. The Show is hosted by Erwin Szeto aka Mr. Hamilton. Erwin is a professional real estate investor, Realtor at Rock Star Brokerage Inc., 2015 winner of Realtor of the year by the Real Estate Investment Network AND the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine. He is an expert in his field and knows his business like no other. In this show, he deconstructs world class investors, digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and lessons that all investors can use.


Last Episode Date: 24 May 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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24 May 2024
Realtor to Uncovering Deals As A Full Time, Well Off Investor With Georges El Masri

We have an old friend in Georges El Masri returning to the show, host of Well Off Podcast, Georges used to work at the same Brokerage, the wonderful Rock Star Real Estate Brokerage but like many talented investors do, they transition out of service work into more focus on t...

66 min
17 May 2024
Multifamily Development In Toronto With Ming Lim

We have my old friend Ming Lim of Volition Properties, Toronto Realtor and investor extraordinaire and the name volition is about living your life on your own volition thanks to financial peace from a great real estate portfolio.  The nice thing about investing in Toronto i...

83 min
9 May 2024
Real Estate Titans: Tools, Tactics and Wisdom for Canadian Real Estate Wealth With Andrew & John

We have my old friend Andrew Hines and his co-author of an all new book John Schwenker!  Andrew needs no introduction and John is an everyday hero, a firefighter and recovering real estate investor. Andrew has taken his turn sharing how he lost money investing in Ohio now i...

58 min
1 May 2024
Maximizing Rents With Basement & Garden Suites With Andy Tran - Part 4

On to this week’s show! We have one of my oldest real estate investor friends Andy Tran who was among my first clients and home inspectors.   I’ll always remember the first deal we did together, a detached house in Hamilton for $216,000. The house had been sitting for n...

63 min
22 April 2024
Side Hustle 14 Houses in Georgia USA. Giving Back To Entrepreneurs With Shawn Bedard

My friend Shawn Bedard who I first met at REIN over ten years ago and our real estate investing paths were quite different. Back in 2010, Shawn couldn’t find deals that make sense in Ontario so he went to landlord friendly USA and bought 4 houses in Atlanta and 10 in Memph...

55 min
17 April 2024
Unfiltered: The Real Challenges and Triumphs of a Full-Time Investor with Adam Kitchener

We have my friend Adam Kitchener back on the show as we get along because he keeps it so real.  No pictures of him on a private plane, or luxury vehicle or luxury watches. Well he does actually but they’re obviously photoshopped as he’s poking fun at the phonies out the...

80 min
10 April 2024
Cash Flowing $10k USD Per Month on 20 Houses He’s Never Seen With Andrew Kim

Returning to the show is Andrew Kim from Brampton who identifies as American. He used to invest locally, the return on time wasn’t there so he bought 20 houses in landlord friendly USA ten years ago now he cash flows over ten thousand US dollars per month.  His Accountant...

62 min
3 April 2024
Multifamily Conference is Coming May 24-26th With Seth Ferguson

We have returning to the show my friend Seth Ferguson and I want to thank him for hosting the biggest real estate event of the year May 24-26th.  The Friday is a 101 for beginners then the main course is the Saturday and Sunday and I’m excited to see all my friends from t...

65 min
28 March 2024
Mastering Real Estate Cycles: Insights from CEO of REIN, Patrick Francey

This week we have a very special guest in Patrick Francey, CEO of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN for short). What makes REIN special in my experience is they’ve always been affordable, REIN has been around longer than pretty much all the other real estate educati...

74 min
19 March 2024
Tom Karadza, co-founder of Rock Star R.E. on Coaching 1000+ members to Success

On today’s show, we have one of my mentors and brokers in Tom Karadza, co-founder of Rock Star Real Estate Brokerage, Inc who in my experience is one of the best leaders and influencers in our community.  If results are what matters to you like they do for me, Rock Star...

84 min
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