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The Shift Control Sales Podcast

Useful sales stuff for sales professionals - from sales trainee to sales director and business owner


Last Episode Date: 21 May 2024

Total Episodes: 136

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21 May 2024
Motivated or disciplined?

How is your sales team set up? Motivated or disciplined? Neither or both? A trip to IFAT in Munch teaches me a lot about both and 2 trips to see Bruce Springsteen reminds me about the importance of thought

16 min
30 April 2024
Filling in small pockets of dead time

I'm sat here waiting for an engineer to arrive to install broadband. They'll be here soon, well some time but it might not be soon at all, in fact just like last Friday, they might not arrive at all...

8 min
25 April 2024

Spending 2 days at an exhibition in Birmingham with plenty of time to think and a cancelled flight with the Irish national air carrier of real choice - not Ryan Air - gave me some food or thought on how some of the very basic sales techniques of the past can compete with the...

12 min
17 February 2024
Building sales momentum

Sales momentum is critical for any business - are you able to turn the heat up when you need to or does your team operate at inconsistent levels across the year? Would you trade of 3 hours of flow sales for a day of?

17 min
7 February 2024
Reciprocal Customer Loyalty

This podcast gives a brief insight into a project that I had the good fortune to work on over the last 3 years that culminated in a customer service charter. All the good work of a business that has a clear focus on driving value through a better working relationship with c...

7 min
21 January 2024
Beyond IQ And EQ

For so long we only thought in terms of academic intelligence. Along came Daniel Goleman and Emotional intelligence in the mid 90s and yet before in 1938 - Howard Gardner had introduced Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences where he talks about multiple intell...

8 min
9 January 2024
Madness and the media

Fergal Keane is a renowned journalist, war correspondent and author of 'Madness: A memoir of war, fear and PTSD.' Not a normal read for me but a brilliant biography and my first encounter with epigenetics and generational trauma. And a good reason to be reminded about the ...

11 min
1 January 2024
Make critical thinking part of your sales process

Too often the focus is on asking questions rather than analysing what you know. In this podcast I talk about the origins of critical thinking and how it can be applied to your sales process along with EQ, to help deliver greater success.

23 min
4 December 2023
Customer service: The Merrion Part 2

As luck would have it I ended up speaking to someone with the inside track on customer service at the Merrion

11 min
28 November 2023
Customer service as it could be

Found myself back at the Merrion Hotel in Dublin, last weekend...just 3 days after the deployment of the largest number of Garda in riot gear. (If this podcast was part of the BBCNI offering, Garda would be described as *the Irish Police....) Interesting times on all front...

17 min
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