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The Potters Cast



Last Episode Date: 23 May 2024

Total Episodes: 1032

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23 May 2024
He Won A Potters Wheel... And He Does 3D Printing | Ike Lobel | Episode 1030

Ike Lobel is a Ceramics major at Suny New Paltz. Ike's work focuses on the use of 3D printing in ceramics and the potential results of it. Ike has been working with clay for the past 16 years, in this time Ike has developed his style focusing on high precision and creating r...

39 min
21 May 2024
The Cup Show | NCECA 2024 | Episode 1029

NCECA is always a blast and has so much to see and do that it is completely impossible to show up and do it all. With that in mind, I tended to miss the annual NCECA Cup Show just because I was so busy doing other things. This was to be different... Not only did I add a cup ...

49 min
16 May 2024
A Talk In The Lobby | Jody Lewis | Episode 1028

Born and raised in Alabama and Tennessee, Jody Lewis is a transplant to Canada. Having earned a bachelors in biology and  a master's in public health, Jody assumed that he didn't have a single creative bone in his body. But things started to change for Jody when a friend sh...

33 min
14 May 2024
Dreams to Doing | Gerit Grimm | Episode 1027

Gerit Grimm and I sat down at NCECA to talk about her journey with clay. In our conversation we also talked about her moving from being a dreamer to being a doing. She gave us insights from the importance of dreaming to taking action on the dreams.

49 min
9 May 2024
A Journey Of Growing | Yael Braha | Episode 1026

Yael Braha is a ceramic artist of North African descent who applies her formal studies in Graphic Design (BA) and Cinema (MFA) to ceramics. In 2021 Yael received the Multicultural Fellowship Award from the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA). Yael's wo...

42 min
7 May 2024
The Marko Story | Marko Biddle | Episode 1025

Marko Biddle, an artist/educator from Pittsburgh, PA, discovered his passion for ceramic arts at 15 through classes at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild. With over 20 years of art education experience, Marko now resides in Louisville, KY, teaching clay to students in grades 5...

49 min
2 May 2024
Clay Doctors NCECA 2024 | Louise Deroualle, Jessica Gardner, Bobby Scroggins, and Rebecca Hutchinson | Episode 1024

Louise Deroualle, Jessica Gardner, Paul Blais, Bobby Scroggins, and Rebecca Hutchinson[/caption] This is a recording from NCECA 2024 of a panel called Clay Doctors. It was recorded by Clay Collier, organized by Ben Carter, and co-produced by NCECA. The session was led by t...

67 min
30 April 2024
Starbucks Gave Her A Pat On The Back | Sarah Kaye | Episode 1023

htt Sarah Kaye has always been drawn to the tactile world of 3D creation. Fond memories of her mum's homemade play-dough and her insistence on clay projects in art class foreshadowed her future path. Sarah studied Product Design at Parsons School of Design and dug deeply i...

58 min
25 April 2024
The Vision | Heather Knight | Episode 1022

Heather Knight opened Element Clay Studio in Asheville, NC in 2007, after running a retail studio in Asheville's popular River Arts District, Heather moved her growing family to Savannah, Georgia.Though the business has grown greatly over the years, the backbone of the stu...

49 min
24 April 2024
A Woodfire Conference | Trevor Youngberg | Episode 1021

This is Trevor Youngberg's second episode on The Potters Cast. Trevor is a high school ceramics teacher and practicing wood-fire potter. Guided by a mindset that is focused on growth, discovery and creativity; Trevor finds that practicing wood-firing enriches every facet o...

41 min
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