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The NeuroTribe

Building a community of unapologetically, empowered, and authentic humans. We talk about the strengths, and challenges with business, love, relationships, communication, parenting, money, and more.


Last Episode Date: 19 June 2024

Total Episodes: 22

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19 June 2024
Questioning separation of Neurotypicals and Neurodiversity

## Show Notes: The NeuroTribe Podcast Questioning the Separation of Neurotypicals and Neurodiversity Theresa Minnoch - Certified Life and Business Coach In this thought-provoking episode of The NeuroTribe, host Theresa Minnoch explores the controversial topic of separating n...

14 min
12 June 2024
Where do my Feelings Come From?

In this episode of The Neurotribe, host Theresa Minnoch explores the fascinating question: "Where do our feelings come from?" She delves into the intricate relationship between our thoughts and emotions, challenging the common belief that feelings just happen to us without o...

17 min
5 June 2024
Autism, ADHD, Gifted, Twice Exceptional, Women

Here is a more detailed summary of the podcast episode "Autism, ADHD, Gifted, Twice Exceptional, Women" with 30 relevant SEO hashtags in paragraph form: In this insightful episode of The NeuroTribe podcast, Theresa Minnoch, a #NeurodiversityCoach and expert on #AutismInWomen...

27 min
29 May 2024
Neurodivergent Women

Summary: In this episode, Theresa Minnoch discusses the challenges and experiences faced by neurodivergent women and girls. She highlights the common feelings of being misunderstood, invalidated, and the pressure to conform while growing up. Neurodivergent women often analyz...

18 min
22 May 2024
Why Do I Do That?!

In this insightful episode of "The NeuroTribe" podcast, certified life and business coach Theresa Minnoch delves into the age-old question that plagues many of us: "Why do I do that?" Drawing from her expertise in neurodiversity, Theresa offers a compassionate exploration of...

6 min
15 May 2024
I'm Stuck

In this insightful episode of "The NeuroTribe" podcast, certified life and business coach Theresa Minnoch tackles the all-too-familiar experience of feeling stuck, whether it's in business, personal projects, or life in general. Drawing from her expertise in neurodiversity, ...

9 min
8 May 2024
How to Stay Consistent

In this thought-provoking episode of "The NeuroTribe," Theresa challenges the conventional wisdom of striving for consistency, especially for those with neurodivergent conditions like ADHD. She encourages her listeners to let go of the stress and pressure associated with try...

6 min
1 May 2024
Limiting Beliefs

Theresa addresses a common pattern she's observed while working with her coaching clients on their personal growth journeys. She explores the experience of becoming more self-aware, which can initially feel uncomfortable and unsettling. As individuals begin to intentionally ...

6 min
24 April 2024

In this enlightening episode of The NeuroTribe, we explore the pervasive issue of self-doubt within the neurodiverse community. Delving into the unique challenges faced by neurodiverse individuals in a society designed for neurotypicals, we unpack the roots of this profound ...

14 min
17 April 2024
I Want to Love Myself: I Don't Want to Become a Narcissist

In this episode of The NeuroTribe, we delve into a common fear among clients: the concern that loving themselves might lead to becoming a narcissist. We explore what narcissism truly entails, shedding light on its defining traits. Contrasting this, we uncover the genuine qua...

18 min
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