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The Legacy Hour with Victoria Miklausich

We all leave a legacy – GOOD OR BAD? What will yours be? The Legacy Hour Podcast with Victoria Miklausich serves to inspire and empower business owners and entrepreneurs to build lasting legacies for their customers, employees, communities and families. We tell the stories of successes and learnings of two types of entrepreneurs and the legacies they leave. The FIRST entrepreneur has a well-established brand or product that has positively impacted the customer as well as their family, community and employees. The SECOND entrepreneur is in the build right now – they are launching or have less than 5 years in the business and are in the stage where they are the jack of all trades. We learn best when we hear others' stories, so every week we will speak to entrepreneurs who are focused on building a brand that long outlasts their life or time at the company. They are making daily decisions to stick to their mission and not lose sight of why they started and we want to learn how and what they are doing. Buckle up and get ready to hear from powerhouse #legacylegends so that you can make a brand that leaves a lasting impact on your surrounding audiences.


Last Episode Date: 3 May 2024

Total Episodes: 18

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3 May 2024
Melanie Auld | Melanie Auld Jewelry

Victoria welcomes Melanie Auld, founder of Melanie Auld Jewelry to give a glimpse at what it's like to launch and grow a business in the jewelry industry. Melanie explains how her particular approach to authenticity, integrity, and customer connections, has fueled her succes...

60 min
26 April 2024
Jordan Jones | Packed Party

Victoria welcomes Jordan Jones, the founder and CEO of Packed Party, an Austin, TX based lifestyle gifting brand that encourages people to make every day a party. Jordan shares her journey of building her business from a small startup in San Francisco to a multi-million doll...

56 min
19 April 2024
Lisa Trigstad | Neat Freak McKinney

Lisa Trigstad, is a professional orgamizer and the founder of Neat Freak McKinney. On this episode, Lisa sits down with Victoria to share her passion for being a "neat freak" and her journey to building her successful business. Not only does Lisa share some awesome tips for ...

55 min
12 April 2024
Melanie Fernandez | House of Lilac

CEO and founder of House of Lilac, Melanie Fernandez, joins Victoria to discuss how a passion for flowers, went from hobby, to thriving business. Find out how and why Melanie left a budding law career to start House of Lilac, a successful premium flower company based in Miam...

54 min
5 April 2024
Gunnar Peterson | Gunnar Peterson Fitness

Victoria welcomes fitness entrepreneur to talk about his career, the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and the importance of community and legacy. As a personal trainer to professional athletes, and celebrities, Gunnar shares insight into how he turned his passion for fitne...

61 min
29 March 2024
Paula Rallis | Paula Rallis Home

Victoria welcomes Paula Rallis of Paula Rallis home to discuss her entrepreneurial journey and commitment to creating a legacy through authenticity and diversity. Paula reveals the secrets of her success in building her interior design and lifestyle business, while showing h...

57 min
22 March 2024
Drew Cole | Organifi

On this episode, Victoria welcomes the founder of Organifi, Drew Cole shares his journey from starting with a dream to building a multi-million dollar brand. Tune in and find out how Drew learned the importance of authenticity, connection, and giving back. This is the type o...

56 min
3 August 2023
9. Stevie Estler | Built By Stevie

Today’s guest is Stevie Estler, CEO & Founder of Built by Stevie and the #CarpentHER movement On today’s episode, Stevie Estler, CEO & Founder of Built by Stevie and the #CarpentHER movement, takes us on her wild ride to create a carpentry business in an industry...

56 min
2 March 2021
8. Jessie Alexander | 31 Bits

On today’s episode, Jessie Alexander, Co-Founder of 31 Bits, takes us on the adventure of creating an ethically-sourced jewelry brand, hand-crafted by the finest artisans across the world. What started as a trip to Uganda turned into a flourishing business that has positiv...

67 min
1 February 2021
7. Spencer Crandall | Spencer Crandall Music

On today’s episode, Spencer Crandall, Country Musician and owner of Spencer Crandall Music, takes us on his journey to make, produce and promote his music while building a strong fanbase. With his songs being streamed in the millions, hundreds of thousands of followers on ...

57 min
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