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The Leadership Compass

Coming April 1st! This podcast is for those actively seeking change, eager to challenge themselves and foster growth in their personal and professional journeys. If you resist settling for the status quo, possess a relentless ambition, thirst for knowledge, and want to positively impact your world, you're in the right place. Join Executive Coach Sue Ross, your guide on a daily journey of self-reflection.


Last Episode Date: 30 April 2024

Total Episodes: 2

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30 April 2024
Episode 30 - You 2.0

One month down! This episode is about the future you.  This is a public episode. If you’d like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit

1 min
23 March 2024
Special Issue

No, it’s not an April Fool’s Day trick. I’m launching a podcast! There will not be a 5 Things issue this week. Instead, this week’s focus has been spent in the “recording studio” (aka a HomeExchange in Vancouver, BC) recording and preparing to launch this new pro...

0 min
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