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The Humanity Love Project

Hi, welcome to The Humanity Love Project- Interview & Devotional Podcast. This podcast strives to make a network of connections between world changing organizations (such as small businesses, non-profits, and charities), the audience (interested individuals and possible volunteers ), and the host (me-Karla Ramirez). These meaningful connections will provide resources and support to organizations, and aid in making a big impact in big world problems. God is at the center of this podcast and in every endeavor that I undertake, so tune in on the biweekly Saturday devotional! Let's Konnect!


Last Episode Date: 20 April 2024

Total Episodes: 8

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20 April 2024
Devotional: The Armor of God!

Hi! Today's devotional is all about The Armor of God. We will learn what the armor includes, what it means, and how we can put it on EVERYDAY! So let’s get ready to put our armor on and stand firm on the word of God! Let’s Konnect!  Contact 🙂  Email: thehumanityl...

20 min
18 April 2024
Jeana Griffiths - Spices & Learning

In this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeana Griffiths, the Vice President at Red Door Spice Co. and Manager at Ray’s Brand Chilli Inc. Tune in to jump into the world of spices and flavors, and learn more about how the industry works! Not only that but we dive ...

29 min
6 April 2024
Devotional: Revelation!

Hello there! Get yourself your Bible, a comfy chair, your favorite drink, and maybe a box of tissues (if you're sentimental like me!) In this devotional, we unexpectedly wound up in the book of Revelations, and we received a revelation! Together we get to take a quick l...

13 min
5 April 2024
Kim Fields - Papa Murphy's & Chickens

In this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim Fields, co-owner of a couple Papa Murphy's ! Join us to truly see the heart behind the super fresh pizza you buy at Papa Murphy's. Not only that but we get to learn a little more about how a franchise works, th...

24 min
23 March 2024
Devotional: Living Sacrifice!

Hello! Open up your bible and get ready for a heart to heart talk! Today I am reading out of the NIV Bible, but please feel free to read out of the one you prefer! In this devotional we talk about what it means to be a Living Sacrifice.Let's Konnect! Contact 🙂 email: ...

6 min
9 March 2024
Devotional: Love!

Get your bibles and cup of orange juice! Unless you prefer another drink 🙂 And let's dive right into the topic of Love, True Love! Today I am reading out of the King James Version Bible, but feel free to read out of the version that you can comprehend and understand- w...

11 min
6 March 2024
Melanie Brown - Calling & CEO

In this episode we dig deeper into what the CEO program is and the impact it has, first hand from the awesome facilitator, Melanie Brown. We also get to learn about Melanie's personal life, and the calling the Lord has placed in her heart! Let's Konnect! New Day Ch...

32 min
29 February 2024
Heart & Mission

Hi, and welcome to The Humanity Love Project - Interview and Devotional Podcast. In this episode you will dive deeper into what The Humanity Love Project is about, and will get to know the character of your host (me- Karla Ramirez). I hope that you enjoy it, and that you com...

13 min
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