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The FIT4PRIVACY Podcast – For those who care about privacy

Looking for insights on privacy, AI...? Trends? This podcast will help you with insights into the world of AI & privacy by understanding how influencers are thinking about AI & privacy in business, innovation, and new technologies. You will learn by listening to fellow industry experts and influencers. Ranked in Top #5 or Top #10 of most rankings. Follow our podcast on and blog at Visit us at for courses and practice exams to prepare for CIPP-E, CIPM, and CIPT, training for staff, etc.

Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 217

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16 May 2024
Can AI Outsmart Humans?

Is artificial intelligence smarter than us, or are these just myths? Join us to find out. Delve into an enlightening discussion with Nektarios Charalampous, a distinguished Business Operations Director at Amdocs and an AI enthusiast, along with host Punit Bhatia. They tack...

9 min
9 May 2024
AI & Privacy in Crypto World with Gokhan Polat and Punit Bhatia in the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast E112 S05

Welcome to this episode of The FIT4Privacy Podcast, where the future of technology meets the forefront of privacy. In this exciting episode, we're diving deep into the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Privacy within the rapidly evolving Crypto World. Whether ...

36 min
2 May 2024
Does Crypto Use AI?

"Does the integration of AI with cryptocurrency signal a new era in digital finance?" Join Punit Bhatia and Gökhan Polat as they delve into the powerful convergence of AI and cryptocurrency. This episode uncovers the roles of AI in enhancing blockchain technolog...

9 min
25 April 2024
Privacy Vulnerabilities with Dan Frechtling and Punit Bhatia in the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast E111 S5

In this digital age, privacy vulnerabilities are a growing concern. But what exactly do these vulnerabilities entail, especially when intertwined with AI? Join Dan Frechtling, CEO of Boltive, and Punit Bhatia in this episode of the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast as they navigate th...

29 min
18 April 2024
What Privacy Topics Does Business Care About?

In this captivating trailer for the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast, Punit Bhatia is joined by Dan Frechtling, CEO of Boltive, to delve into the pressing issue of privacy vulnerabilities in business. They discuss how these vulnerabilities impact companies and what can be done to address...

11 min
11 April 2024
AI & Emerging World with Onur Korucu and Punit Bhatia in the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast E110 S5

How is the landscape of AI and emerging technologies shaping the future of privacy and organizational compliance? In this enlightening episode of the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast, join Onur Korucu and Punit Bhatia as they explore the forefront of AI's impact on society and t...

36 min
4 April 2024
Will ChatGPT become a widely used tool in the future?

Is the future of AI here to stay, and how will ChatGPT redefine our digital boundaries? Explore with us. Join Onur Korucu, a beacon in the AI and emerging technologies landscape, alongside Punit Bhatia in a deep dive into AI’s transformative power on privacy, complianc...

14 min
28 March 2024
AI Impact on Privacy, Security, and Jobs with Jan Anisimowicz and Punit Bhatia in the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast E109 S05

AI is creating an impact on privacy, security, and jobs. And this is what we discussed with our guest Jan Anisimowicz and host Punit Bhatia in this episode. We explore how technologies like ChatGPT have revolutionized data privacy practices, telling both opportunities and ch...

23 min
21 March 2024
How Can ChatGPT Transform Privacy In A Positive Way

ChatGPT and technologies like this can be used in many way. On a positive use, can ChatGPT help transform privacy? Punit Bhatia is joined by Jan Anisimowicz to discuss exactly this. This is an extract from the full episode of The FIT4PRIVACY Podcast. If you like this, yo...

11 min
14 March 2024
AI, Cybersecurity, Privacy and OpenSource with Philippe Humeau and Punit Bhatia in the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast E108 S5

In an era where digital threats loom large, how do AI, cybersecurity, and open-source innovations intersect to redefine our approach to privacy? Join us in this riveting episode of the FIT4PRIVACY Podcast, where Philippe Humeau and Punit Bhatia delve into the dynamics of cut...

24 min
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