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The Culture Project Podcast

The Culture Project is an initiative of young people set out to restore culture through the experience of virtue. We proclaim the dignity of the human person and the richness of living sexual integrity, inviting our culture to become fully alive. Journey with us as we navigate through life's many challenges that young people face today. We tackle topics like sex, dating, relationships, love, and everything else that affects every human person. Follow us!

Last Episode Date: 25 January 2024

Total Episodes: 17

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25 January 2024
Being Fully Human with Shannon Ochoa of The Eden Invitation

It's a very old podcast that was never posted but we thought it needed to be shared now. --- Send in a voice message:

44 min
9 March 2020
15. Hot Pockets and Moderation with Randall

What is moderation? Is it good? Are Hot Pockets still good? --- Send in a voice message:

62 min
2 March 2020
14. Brian Butler of Dumb Ox Ministries

What the heck is Dumb Ox Ministries? ​ Dumb Ox Ministries works with teens, young adults, and families; cultivating their authentic masculinity and femininity through the Theology of the Body, helping them to prepare for, discern, and pursue their unique vocations to love....

32 min
24 February 2020
13. Making friends on the street with Blake from Christ in the City

Who are the homeless? How often do we ignore these people on the streets? Why do we do that? On this episode I chat with Blake from Christ in the City. They're a wonderful organization that does homeless outreach in Denver, CO. We talk about how he got involved and some prac...

43 min
17 February 2020
12. Dating in College through a man's perspective

 Andrew, Sebastian and Parker have a chat about their experience dating in college.  Find out more about The Culture Project: --- Send in a voice message:

43 min
10 February 2020
11. Bianca Tan on why people don't date anymore.

Por que?  At the time of this recording, Bianca was days away from becoming Mrs. Bianca. She shares her insights as to why she thinks people choose not to date in 2019.  Find out more about The Culture Project: --- Send in a voice message:...

33 min
3 February 2020
10. What are women's expectations of men in college?

Genesis shares her first kiss experience. Emily thought she'd meet her husband on the first day of college. Hayley encourages all the single people to live  their lives to the full.  Three women, three different experience, all with the same goal: finding true and authenti...

44 min
28 January 2020
09. How men and women pace themselves differently in dating with Cecilia Pappas

"Where have all the good men gone? Why isn't anyone asking me out on dates?"  These are two things I hear a lot of my female friends say when it comes to dating. But with my experience as a man who has been actively dating, my issue isn't my lack of intentionality, as ...

47 min
21 January 2020
08. The Feminine Genius with Santonio Hill

What do you get when you have two men talk about the feminine genius? I had the privilege of talking to Santonio Hill about the beauty and mystery that women have that draws men out of themselves.  Check out ANTHEM Philly's podcast: Fin...

36 min
31 December 2019
07. Honest Photos with Jacque

Jacque is a photographer based in Minneapolis. We sit down and chat about how she got her start in photography. Find out more about The Culture Project: --- Send in a voice message:

39 min
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