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The Coaching r(E)volution

Being a highly effective coach and transformational practitioner, who can go deep with clients and help them create change in their lives, is an ongoing learning process. There are so many different client situations, and so many complex issues that can come up. If you’ve been looking for tools, wisdom and deeper conversations about how to be a better coach & practitioner, The Coaching R(e)volution Podcast is for you! Your host, Joanna Lindenbaum, has dedicated the last two decades to training thousands of coaches and transformational practitioners to be the best in their industries and to go deep with clients in ethical and trauma-informed ways. In the podcast, Joanna breaks down big ideas about human behavior, what it takes to co-create real change with clients, and how to show up as a better and better coach. All of this so that you can turn your clients into raving fans who re-sign with you over and over again, send referrals your way, and help you grow your reputation. Get ready not only for practical tips on your client work, but also to learn a lot about yourself. Because after all, the best coaches and practitioners are also always doing their own inner work as well!


Last Episode Date: 10 June 2024

Total Episodes: 15

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10 June 2024
Meet the Resistance Archetypes!

This is our last episode right now in our series on Resistance, and today’s episode is maybe the juiciest of all because we’re discussing…Resistance Archetypes!   And not just our clients’ Resistance Archetypes…but also YOUR Resistance Archetypes.   Because, I wa...

52 min
3 June 2024
A Post-Session Protocol that Will Help You Co-Create Better Results with Your Clients

If you’re anything like me, you are doing the work you do because you want to help others.  Because you want to be part of people’s lives as they stretch towards their goals, as they transform their habits, as they learn to love themselves more deeply. And, of course, h...

20 min
20 May 2024
More about The Navigating Client Resistance Deep Dive Training (& my slip into the Judge archetype!)

This episode is for anyone who worries about marketing too much and that people will hate you, judge you, be annoyed with you, or leave you if you do a lot of outreach and marketing and invitation making.   I share a short, kinda funny, but definitely resonant story about t...

19 min
13 May 2024
What I do to Prepare for Client Sessions (it’s not what you think!)

My students in the Sacred Depths Transformational Practitioner Training often say, “Joanna - you always show up SO prepared and manage so much in a session; how do you do it?”   I love this question because how you prepare for your client sessions (& group sessions)...

27 min
6 May 2024
One of my most beloved Resistance Archetypes - The Victim!

Ever been in conversation with a client - or a friend or family member - and all of the sudden, it seems like they’ve become possessed by the most negative personality in the world?    It’s almost as if the person you usually know them to be has vanished, and they’ve...

33 min
29 April 2024
What is Client Resistance & Why do we need to Know about it?

Have you ever had a client that consistently shows up late for sessions? Or always cancels last minute? Or maybe even a client that all of the sudden has a really bad attitude about what you’re discussing in session…or maybe even gets upset at you?   If yes, you’re in...

25 min
22 April 2024
“Oh no! I’m not an expert on that topic” How to Help a Client who asks a Question you don’t have an Answer for

Let’s say a client hired you so that they could learn to feel more confident and motivated in their work, and in a session, they happen to bring forward an issue about a parenting situation…but you don’t have kids or know anything about parenting!   Or, you’re worki...

27 min
15 April 2024
Working with Jealousy and Competition

In so many circles, it’s taboo to even talk about Jealousy. It’s considered bad and wrong and shameful. But, in the Sacred Depths approach to transformation, nothing is inherently bad or wrong. Everything - every feeling or impulse - that arises inside of us can be used ...

46 min
8 April 2024
How to Ethically & Effectively Raise Your Rates

In this episode we look into a question that I often get asked, and it usually goes something like this: “I know it’s time to raise my rates, but how do I let my existing clients know? I’m worried they won’t want to continue with me!”   Too many coaches and practi...

34 min
1 April 2024
Breaking Down the Process of Transformation and Change

Our clients come to us because they want a transformation of some sort. The transformations can be in their outer world - finishing a big project, growing a business, attracting a loving relationship, better managing a team, and beyond. The transformations can also be in the...

27 min
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