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The Changelog: Software Development, Open Source

Software’s best weekly news brief, deep technical interviews & talk show.


Last Episode Date: 24 May 2024

Total Episodes: 744

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24 May 2024
It's a long & windy road (Friends)

We kick off our Microsoft Build 2024 “coverage” in this free-wheelin’ conversation with our friend, Shaundai Person! We’re talking Netflix infra, we’re talking sales, we’re talking real-world AI usage, we’re talking career choices…. What’s a good next step?...

66 min
22 May 2024
From Sun to Oxide (Interview)

Bryan Cantrill, Co-founder and CTO of Oxide Computer Company, joins Adam to share his journey from Sun to Oxide – from Sun and Fishworks, to DTrace, to ZFS, to Joyent and Node.js, and now working to build on-prem cloud servers as they should be at Oxide.

152 min
20 May 2024
Kyle explains "Legacy Software" to the aliens (News)

Taylor Troesh writes Kyle explaining “Legacy Software” to the aliens, Vitaly Friedman addresses why so many designers feel misunderstood and under appreciated in business contexts, Oracle dumps Terraform for OpenTofu & hackers discover how to reprogram NES Tetris fro...

6 min
17 May 2024
Self-hosted media server goodness (Friends)

Alex Kretzschmar joins Adam to discuss their experiences with building the “perfect media server” and all the hardware and software involved to make it happen —,, Plex, Jellyfin, ZFS, mergerfs, TrueNAS, Docker Compose and so much m...

103 min
15 May 2024
Building the Patreon for developers (Interview)

Birk Jernström from Polar joins the show to tell us all about the creator platform for developers: why he built it, how it works, why it works how it works, what’s in store for the future & we even give Birk some super deep UX feedback on the funding flow.

106 min
13 May 2024
Avoiding the soft delete anti-pattern (News)

Tim Fisken explains the problem with soft deletion, a simple measure of software dependency freshness is proposed, a deep-dive on sound design in software, a web app with over 80 handy developer tools built in & Luke Plant reminds us that programming mantras are proverbs...

7 min
10 May 2024
Motivated by play (Friends)

Annie Sexton has been on quite a journey since she was last on the show back in early ‘22. On this episode, Annie takes us on that journey, shares her new-found perspective & tells us about how she’s approaching her side project this time around.

97 min
8 May 2024
Good timing makes great products (Interview)

Paul Orlando is back to talk about his book titled “Why Now?” You may remember Paul from his last appearance (a fan favorite) talking with Jerod about complex systems & second-order effects. Paul’s book, “Why Now?” explores the concept of timing and the importa...

79 min
6 May 2024
Why your framework doesn't matter (News)

Bahaa Zidan says your web framework doesn’t matter, DHH writes about magic machines, Dylan Huang reviews thousands of opinions on HTMX, Tim Ottinger says programming is thinking & Tim Spann says small language models (SLM) for the win.

8 min
3 May 2024
The Wu-Tang way (Friends)

Our friend Ron Evans is a technologist for hire, an open source developer, an author, a speaker, an iconoclast, and one of our favorite people in tech. This conversation with Ron goes everywhere: from high-altitude weather balloons, to life on Mars, to Zeno’s paradox appli...

105 min
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