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The Biz Body Podcast

For Exercise Pro’s That Train Active People To Move and Feel Better, Even If They Are Managing Pain.


Last Episode Date: 7 May 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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7 May 2024
132. Previously Injured Client Musts

How many of your clients have been injured at one time or another? How many are dealing with undiagnosed disease? Here are some ideas that I have struggled with when it comes to real time decision making during sessions.

7 min
12 January 2024
131. Building What Your Clients Want

Spend your time wisely by understanding exactly what your clients need. Strengthen your practice with timely questions.

8 min
16 November 2023
130. Are You Missing Half Of The Session?

Your clients are depending on you. Especially if they are dealing with orthopedic and medical problems. They want to get healthy!!! Here is a way to meet them where they are at.

5 min
25 October 2023
129. What To Expect Next

Look for next level business and practice info to help you work with populations that need it most. People need exercise professionals that are capable of solving some difficult movement problems. That is exactly why we are here to help.

1 min
2 August 2023
128. Establishing Baselines and Body Control

Why is exercise so important?  Exercise Professionals use the phrase, "exercise is medicine."  If it is medicine, how are we dosing it? More importantly, why are still focused on arbitrary exercises, sets, and rep schemes instead of individually dosed challenges? Properly ...

70 min
5 May 2023
127. Help Your Clients Find What Helps Them Faster

Empower your clients to better results with these resources.

8 min
3 May 2023
126. This Info Could Change Your Client Success Rate

In our practice, people come in when they feel good. More importantly, they know they will feel better every time they walk through the door. People stop in to feel better. This is a piece of that puzzle.

5 min
29 April 2023
125. Pricing Strategy Alignement

Does how you charge reflect your client accountability? Cheap = better?   Does better equal higher value?     If your client needs a different level of interaction, what are you doing to provide that? This and more in this episode.

4 min
28 April 2023
124. Time, Results & Expectation

Know your timeframes. Understand your client. Deliver results. This is a framework to do just that.

4 min
10 April 2023
123. This Could Be Tanking Your Practice

Ever feel off? Sometimes things are just not clicking. The results are spotty. Clients become inconsistent. This episode is all about noticing, and changing the problem. You could be out of alignment. No, not posture. This is much more important.

8 min
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