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The Active Duty Passive Income Podcast

The #1 Military Real Estate Investing show focused on achieving financial freedom through the power of real estate investing for those who serve. Hear stories from other veterans on how they were able to leverage their VA Loan to build passive income and financial independence for their transition from service. Learn Military House Hacking and other investing strategies to build wealth and earn a piece of the "American Dream" you've fought hard to defend!

Last Episode Date: 13 May 2024

Total Episodes: 340

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13 May 2024
Greatest Hits | Mastermind Your Way to Success with Christopher Lockwood | 344

Get ready for an epic throwback as Kevin reunites with the legendary 22-year Army veteran, ADPI Outreach team member, and real estate guru, Chris Lockwood! Chris spills the beans on his journey into real estate investing as he neared the end of his military career, unlocking...

51 min
6 May 2024
Greatest Hits | Never Too Young to Invest With Marc Stallings | Ep 343

Join Kevin on a journey down memory lane in this unforgettable episode featuring Marc Stallings—an active duty Navy member and ADPI trailblazer! Marc unveils his inspiring journey of starting his real estate investing journey as an E-5 at just 22 years old, transforming hi...

60 min
29 April 2024
Greatest Hits | Creative Real Estate Acquisitions with Cindy Byler | Ep 342

Join Kevin in this captivating throwback episode as he sits down with the remarkable Cindy Byler—a military spouse who defied the odds to excel in real estate investing! Cindy unveils her secrets to success in navigating the unpredictable military family lifestyle while th...

65 min
22 April 2024
Greatest Hits | Using Assisted Living To Replace Your Military Pay With Travis Salley | Ep 341

Join Kevin as he revisits an electrifying episode with Active Duty Army Captain and Assisted Living Investor, Travis Salley! Travis spills the beans on his journey to financial freedom, revealing how he leveraged the equity from his first home to score a game-changing Assist...

56 min
15 April 2024
Exploring the Opportunities of Boutique Hotels With Blake Dailey | Ep 340

Unlock the secrets to boutique hotel investing with Kevin Brenner and Blake Dailey in this game-changing episode! Discover why boutique hotels offer unparalleled opportunities for personalized experiences and lucrative returns. From scalability to creative freedom, learn how...

67 min
8 April 2024
Greatest Hits | BRRRRnB It With Anthane Richie | Ep 339

Join Kevin as he revisits an electrifying episode with Active Duty Navy CPO and real estate dynamo, Athane Rithie! Athane spills the beans on his journey from young E-5 to savvy real estate investor, dishing out the secrets of his first deals and how they paved the way for h...

54 min
1 April 2024
Greatest Hits | Financial Dominance With Frank Molinar | Ep 338

Get ready to journey back in time as Kevin reunites with the legendary author of "Financial Dominance: Military Veteran Edition" and veteran financial counselor, Frank Molinar! In this classic episode, Frank unveils the ultimate blueprint to scrubbing and streamlin...

52 min
25 March 2024
Greatest Hits | Family First With Mike McCarthy | Ep 337

Join us as we rewind the clock and revisit an iconic episode with best-selling author and GoBundance co-founder, Mike McCarthy, in this timeless conversation! Mike delves deep into the art of striking a harmonious balance between your quest for financial freedom and the prec...

56 min
18 March 2024
The Power of Branding for Network Expansion With Steven Leaply | Ep 336

Ready to unlock the secrets of expanding your real estate network through the power of ghostwriting and self-branding? Join host Kevin Brenner and special guest Steven Leaply, former Navy Corpsman turned ghostwriter extraordinaire, in this eye-opening episode! Discover how c...

54 min
11 March 2024
Greatest Hits | Whole Life Insurance Tactical and Practical With Derek Murrell | Ep 335

Step back in time with Kevin as he reunites with Marine veteran and ADPI's Whole Life Insurance expert, Derek Murrell, in this unforgettable episode! Dive deep into Derek's expert insights on leveraging whole life insurance to supercharge your real estate investing...

68 min
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