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That Makes Cents: A consumer podcast

Consumers are using their dollars to effect the change they want to see in the world. They’re buying into better by choosing brands that align with their values. This podcast features industry leaders with insights to help you gain a deeper understanding of consumers and shape the future of the industry.


Last Episode Date: 25 March 2024

Total Episodes: 43

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25 March 2024
Harnessing the Power of Data: Transforming Customer Experience with CVS Health

Consumers aren’t just comparing you to other companies in your industry anymore. They’re stacking you up against any great experience they’ve ever had. So how can companies tap into data to better understand their customers and curate a better experience? Tune in to th...

25 min
19 December 2023
Holiday spending and consumer shopping trends

2023 Holiday spending trends: Tune in to our podcast to hear what, where, and how consumers are filling their carts this season.

12 min
7 December 2023
Electric Car Trends and the Future of Automobiles

Tune in to this episode of That Makes Cents as we discuss how sustainability, convenience, and affordability could shape the future of the automotive industry—and how subscriptions will pave the way toward a completely different car ownership model.

25 min
3 November 2023
Future of Consumer series: Looking ahead at grocery experience for the changing consumer

Like today’s consumer, the grocery industry is increasingly diverse and complex. In a spinoff of our miniseries on the future of the consumer industry, we explore the future of grocery retail and how exponential tech such as AI and Gen AI could play a key role in increasin...

27 min
26 September 2023
Future of Consumer series: The move from mass to micro

As today’s consumers become more diverse in terms of their wants and needs, we’re seeing a more demand-driven market that’s empowering consumers. What do brands need to know about this shift in consumer behavior? And how will data, AI and Gen AI play a larger role as w...

33 min
19 June 2023
Future of Consumer series: The rise of capability-as-a-service

In this third installment of our miniseries on the future of the consumer industry, we’re taking a closer look at how the emergence and growth of capability-as-a-service are causing a major convergence and reconfiguration in the consumer industry. Milen Mahadevan, presiden...

20 min
24 May 2023
Future of Consumer series: The disruption of digital

From streaming platforms to health and fitness apps that personalize to their users, consumers today have access to a wide array of digital offerings. And, with the increasing adoption of AI, cloud convergence, and other technologies, digital goods and services are witnessin...

23 min
19 April 2023
Future of Consumer series: Six forces reshaping the consumer industry

As stated in Deloitte’s Future of Consumer study, “Change is a staple of humanity, and nowhere is the velocity of change more evident than in the consumer industry.” How should consumer companies perceive this change? What should consumer industry executives consider b...

19 min
22 March 2023
The rise of digital marketplaces ft. Macy’s, Inc.

Digital marketplaces help retailers meet their customers where they are by improving visibility, expanding assortment, reinforcing the omnichannel experience, and diversifying the supplier base to keep up with changing trends. This integration also allows retailers to extend...

25 min
27 January 2023
A look back at the 2022 holiday shopping season

With another holiday season behind us, this episode takes a look at how consumers and retailers faced the unique challenges of this shopping season including the economic uncertainty and the ongoing operational challenges. From the continued growth of digital channels to a r...

16 min
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