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Tape Echoes Podcast

On Tape Echoes, Tyler Barker interviews artists and operators across the music industry to learn about their career, creative process, and the influences that made them who they are. For some it's a full time career, for many, their part time passion - all are stunningly talented, and deserve a spotlight on their craft. Tyler is the creator of Prototape - an app for collaborative songwriting in your browser.


Last Episode Date: 14 April 2024

Total Episodes: 4

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14 April 2024
Episode 4 :: Kitschen Boy

Today I'm joined by Dylan Baddeley and Carlos Tinsey of Kitschen Boy: A brilliant indie rock band from Melbourne / Naarm producing tracks full of jangly guitars, dreamy synths, and loads of energy. As they gear up for their first international tour, they've just released the...

68 min
12 February 2024
Episode 3 :: Kumar Shome

Today I'm sitting down with Kumar Shome. Kumar is a prolific, virtuoso guitarist and composer. A legend in the Australian music scene, he's played and toured with a ton of artists, including but not limited to Sampa the Great, Mulatu Astake, Silent Jay, REMI, The Bamboos and...

78 min
29 January 2024
Episode 2 :: Kieran Rafferty

Kieran Rafferty is one of the most talented drummers in Australia with an amazing career so far spanning multiple bands, genres, and theatre shows. We cover a lot on this episode, including advice for music teachers, his experience supporting KISS at Rod Laver Arena, and get...

71 min
14 January 2024
Tape Echoes - Episode 1 :: Santerres

Santerres (f.k.a ESG) is a producer, DJ, and event manager in Melbourne who's been in the industry for 14 years. On this episode we talk about how he got into DJing, overcoming beat block, and Tribe - an event and artist collective he started with his fiancé to bring cultur...

59 min
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