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Talk Story – The Hawaiian Airlines Pilot Podcast

Talk Story - A production by the Pilots of Hawaiian Airlines and the Hawaiian Airlines Master Executive Council - ALPA.


Last Episode Date: 27 April 2024

Total Episodes: 27

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27 April 2024
Talk Story: TPA Negotiations and MEC Elections

In this episode, we'll be covering two separate developments coming in the next two weeks: the beginning of negotiations for a Transition and Process Agreement (TPA) and Hawaiian MEC Officer elections, both happening in early May. Discussing both topics are HAL MEC Chair Lar...

26 min
8 March 2024
Talk Story: Strategic Planning

This episode, Hawaiian Airlines MEC Chair Larry Payne, ALPA National SPSC Chair Ronan O’Donoghue, and HAL Strategic Planning Committee Chair Ethan Pearson-Pomerantz sit down with HAL Communications Chair Mike Davis for a roundtable discussion of strategic planning. The gro...

25 min
4 January 2024
Talk Story: Hawaiian-Alaska Merger Overview

On December 3, Hawaiian Airlines announced a merger agreement with Alaska Airlines. To talk about what the merger process will look like going forward for our pilot group, MEC Chair Larry Payne, Joint Negotiating Committee appointee Rob Willoughby, and Merger Committee Chair...

31 min
13 December 2023
HAL Contract Explained: Vacancies

Listen as HAL MEC Strategic Planning Chair Ethan Pearson-Pomerantz discusses our contractual vacancy language with HAL Vacancy Committee Chair Chad Holcomb. The two cover a broad range of topics within vacancies, including bidding timelines, category freezes, activation and ...

33 min
11 November 2023
HAL Contract Explained: Vacation

This month, we're taking the scenic route on our HAL Contract Explained series, as Block 3 Rep. Sean Kimura is joined by Negotiating Committee Member Rob Willoughby and Secretary Treasurer Sean Lee to dive into the details of PWA Section 6: Vacation! Listen as Rob explains t...

22 min
30 September 2023
HAL Contract Explained: Scope - Mergers and Fragmentation

Host Sean Lee is joined by Negotiating Committee member Ethan Pearson-Pomerantz to discuss all the protections our PWA provides in the case of a merger or acquisition. To see the topics summarized, please check out our infographic on the subject: Mergers and Fragmentation: h...

14 min
9 September 2023
HAL Contract Explained: Scope

Listen to the second episode of our HAL Contract Explained series, covering the topic of scope! Scope is the foundation of an airline union contract, ensuring our job security. In this episode, Secretary-Treasurer Sean Lee sits down with Scope Chair Doug Brayham and Negotiat...

21 min
17 August 2023
Talk Story: Talk Safety with Bennet Walsh

This week, we Talk Story with HAL Managing Director of Safety and Security Bennet Walsh. HAL MEC Central Air Safety Chair Captain Scott Clark and HAL MEC Member F/O Sean Lee discuss the new FOQA crosstalk LOA.   See more of HAL Contract Explained here:

53 min
2 August 2023
HAL Contract Explained - Deadheads

This episode kicks off our brand new "HAL Contract Explained" series, where we break down one contract subject each month with our contract experts. The first episode features Ethan Pearson-Pomerantz from the Negotiating Committee, as we discuss the subject of Deadheads.  ...

7 min
31 May 2023
Talk Story – Scheduling with Ted Hebert, Fatigue 101

This month, we meet with Scheduling Committee Member Ted Hebert in his new role reviewing monthly pilot parings on behalf of the Pilots of Hawaiian Airlines.   Ted shares his best tips and tricks when it comes to monthly bidding, as well as how to survive an IROP.   Later ...

29 min
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