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Tales From The CSAP Floor

APPLY FOR CSAP TODAY: The 'Tales from the CSAP floor' podcast takes listeners through the 'Cisco Sales Associates Program' Journey. Made by CSAPers for CSAPers, this podcast gives a deeper insight into the program through the personal stories of our Associates from the day they first discover CSAP, until the moment they graduate and go into the world. The Cisco Sales Associates Program, known as CSAP, is our global Early in Career program for young professionals interested in starting a career in Sales or Engineering with Cisco. Give the CSAP team one year to build your business skills & technical knowledge in the classroom and gain hands-on experience all the while being paid to learn. You'll be joining a company that drives innovation and strives to be the bridge between technology and business outcomes. This program has two main tracks. The ASR, Associates Sales Representative and the ASE, Associates Systems Engineer. In both tracks, you'll learn how to position and sell Cisco solutions. The main difference is that ASEs dive deeper into the technology and lead technical discussions with customers to become trusted technology advisors while ASRs lead business conversations to become trusted business advisors. Stay tuned and listen to our tales from all over the world all happening here on the 4th floor of the Cisco Amsterdam office. #WeAreCisco #goCSAP #sales

Last Episode Date: 25 April 2024

Total Episodes: 45

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25 April 2024
S6E5: Leadership Leaps & Tech Thrills – Suruchi Wadhawan's leadership journey

Join Suruchi Wadhawan, a top system engineering leader from Singapore, as she explores the latest in technology and leadership. Hosted by Josh Recker, this podcast brings you conversations about leadership, innovation, and empowerment in tech. Suruchi, a Cisco Sales Champion...

25 min
10 April 2024
S6E4: Extra Mile, Extraordinary Growth - Amy Bahlo's Journey at Cisco

Dive into "Tales from the CSAP Floor" where host Mackenzie Brennan talks to Amy Bahlo, a Club Cisco winner —a feat reserved for the top 1% in sales excellence. Starting as an Associate Sales Representative, Amy’s 19-year Cisco career has led her to a strategic Global Par...

28 min
27 March 2024
S6E3: Conquering Sales with Care - Guido Sironi's Path to Mastery

Introducing Guido Sironi, a key account manager for Cisco Switzerland and a sales superstar from CSAP class of FY19. He has thrived in the tech industry for over five years, with a passion that shines through. In this podcast, he reveals his professional journey, trade sec...

25 min
13 March 2024
S6E2: Beyond the 'No' - Matt Yager Reveals How to Turn Rejection into Opportunity

Continuing our "Tales from the CSAP Floor" series, our host Mackenzie Brennan engages with Matt Yager, a top performer within the SLED Accounts team. Matt kicked off his Cisco journey through the Sales Associate Program (CSAP) in FY21, on the same track as our host. Before...

28 min
28 February 2024
S6E1: From Military to Tech - Chris Toh's Unconventional Career Leap

In this season opener of "Tales from the CSAP Floor," host Joshua Recker welcomes Chris Toh, a remarkable individual whose unique professional journey defies convention. From a pivotal eureka moment during his military service to becoming a celebrated Club Cisco member and e...

24 min
21 June 2023
S5E8: Beyond Vertical: The Power of Peers, Mentors, and Rolling with the Punches

Join us for an enlightening podcast journey with the famous Ron Fox the 3rd! Discover the Power of Connection: growing with people around you and the finding the value in mentorship. In our pursuit of success, we often focus on climbing the ladder vertically, and connections...

26 min
7 June 2023
S5E7: Tech, Paper Routes, and Food Trucks - Hemang Shah's Unique Path

Don't miss Episode 7 of Season 5! We're chatting with Hemang Shah, a global systems engineer at Cisco, who smoothly transitioned from CSAP to working as a trusted advisor on some of our top global accounts. He shares his unique journey, including the time when he almost swap...

27 min
25 May 2023
S5E6: From CSAP to the C-Suite - Ryan Houska's Leadership Journey at Cisco

In this episode, Nick chats with Ryan Houska, Director of Web Operations at Cisco and a CSAP Alum. Hear firsthand about his transformative journey, the power of curiosity, open-mindedness, and networking, and the crucial difference between management and leadership. Get an i...

26 min
11 April 2023
S5E5: The Rollercoaster of Learning - Eduardo Sebastian Galardi's Advice

Don't miss this candid episode where Laura delves into Eduardo Sebastian Galardi's unexpected yet interesting transition from aerospace engineering to Cisco's CSAP program. Fresh out of CSAP himself and early in his career, Eduardo's timeless advice holds relevance for newco...

23 min
22 March 2023
S5E4: Unleashing Your Superpower - The Journey of Vinaya Springer

Join us on a captivating journey in our fourth podcast episode as we explore the inspiring story of Vinaya Springer, a former CSAPer and current Senior System Engineer Manager. Vinaya has transformed her adversities into her superpower, paving the way for others by sharing h...

29 min
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