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Take the Elevator

This podcast is purely about elevating people through individual life stories and experiences in the Elevator. In the Elevator, what's key is maybe changing your perspective; having self-actualization; embracing your purpose; and acting on it as we grow from one another. There is a whole different point of view when you look up to elevate. 


Last Episode Date: 1 May 2024

Total Episodes: 324

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1 May 2024
232rd Floor: Weaving with Life's Twists and Turns

When our dear Tallulah faced a brush with danger, our hearts raced and our world stood still. Join us as we recount the twists and turns of navigating a pet's injury and the tumult of emotions that come with it. Our story doesn't end at the vet's office, thoug...

27 min
10 April 2024
322nd Floor: The Impact of Diverse Opinions on Self-Discovery

Ever find yourself nodding along to someone's point, only to later question your own beliefs? That's the spark that ignited our latest chat, where Kory and I peel back the layers of our personal belief systems and explore the transformative power of embracing vario...

38 min
3 April 2024
321st Floor: A Playful Approach to Serious Success in the Office

Hey there, fellow mischief-makers and productivity seekers! It's Gen the Builder and Kory, and we've just wrapped up a podcast episode that's like a delightful box of chocolates—you never know what you're going to get! Get ready to clutch your sides wit...

34 min
27 March 2024
320th Floor: Power of the Pivot

When our daughter's 30th birthday plans got derailed, little did we know this twist would become a gateway to the enchanting realm of musical theater.  Join us as we recount this experience and muse on how life's pivot points can lead to remarkable, history-making...

34 min
20 March 2024
319th Floor: Cultivating Growth Through Personal Coaching Conversations

Join us as we whisk you away to the rustic charm of the Olive Festival at 123 Farm—a weekend that unexpectedly turned into a treasure trove of life lessons and business acumen. Picture this: amidst the olive groves and lavender fields, we uncovered the subtle art of embrac...

33 min
16 March 2024
318th Floor: Navigating Self-Doubt and Aligning with Authenticity

Struggling with life's curveballs can feel isolating, but what if you discovered that you're part of a wider community facing similar challenges? As we emerge from our hiatus, we're here to share a candid conversation about realignment in life's unpredict...

31 min
21 February 2024
317th Floor: Sparks of Affection Amidst Life

Let's chat about how we eschew the Valentine's norm for something more daily and true. As we settle back into our podcasting chairs, we bring you an episode bristling with reflections from our quirky, love-infused world—think of it as your aural chocolate box, mi...

27 min
8 February 2024
316th Floor: Interactive Growth Journeys on FB Live

We are excited to invite you into our world on Take the Elevator through the innovative lens of Facebook Live as we navigate the exciting changes of 2024. Imagine weekly live interactions with us, your hosts Gen the Builder and Kory, as we delve into many transformative topi...

30 min
31 January 2024
315th Floor: Rhythmic Bonds and the Art of Altruistic Networking

Gen and Kory narrate some of their experiences at the NAMM Show. We discovered how the rhythm of the drums and unity can be transformative. The beating of the drums reverberated through our whole beings and we were able to let go of past bitterness and feel included in the p...

34 min
24 January 2024
314th Floor: When You Think About It, Do It!

Are you someone who often gets struck with inspiration but fails to take action due to procrastination? In this episode, Gen and Kory share their insights and motivation to help you turn that spark into a roaring fire of action. They introduce a powerful mantra that has resh...

34 min
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