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Stuff About Energy Production

Stuff About Energy Production is an educational show featuring enlightening conversations and helpful tips about producing oil and gas. This podcast is produced by Kimray, an industry-leading manufacturer of oil and gas control equipment.

Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 111

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16 May 2024
5 Things You Should Know about Temperature Controllers | Ep. #111

Energy producers use temperature controllers to control temperature inside heated vessels like reboilers and heater treaters. In this ep, Kyle walks us through a handful of things you should know about temperature controllers. Resources mentioned: How to Repair, Test, and...

16 min
25 April 2024
5 Things You Should Know about Glycol Pumps | Ep. #110

Greg Chambers walks us through how natural gas producers use glycol pumps to optimize their gas dehydration systems. Resources mentioned: ⁠Video: Gas Dehydration System Overview⁠ 3 Types of Glycol Filtration How to Repair a Kimray Glycol Pump Stuff We Like "Our Nat...

16 min
11 April 2024
5 Things You Should Know about Float-Operated Liquid Level Controllers | Ep. #109

Curtis has a brush with the grim reaper and Kyle walks through how energy producers use float-operated liquid level controllers on separators and other liquid accumulators. Resources mentioned: How to Install a Gen 3 Liquid Level Controller How to Repair a Liquid Level Con...

14 min
28 March 2024
5 Things You Should Know about Pressure Regulators | Ep. #108

Jeff Port walks us through Kimray's OG product—the gas pressure regulator. Resources mentioned: What is a Back Pressure Regulator? What's the Difference between a Back Pressure and Pressure Reducing Regulator? Eliminate Emissions from your Regulator with this S...

12 min
14 March 2024
5 Things You Should Know about High Pressure Control Valves | Ep. #107

Energy producers around the globe use High Pressure Control Valves for processes like separation and pressure reduction.   In this video, we’re going to look at what producers find so useful about this valve. Resources High Pressure Control Valves How to Reverse Your ...

14 min
29 February 2024
5 Things You Should Know about Lever Operated Dump Valves | Ep. #106

As the sole path for oil and water to leave a production vessel, dump valves are critical to any upstream operation. In this ep, Kyle shares 5 things you should know about Lever Operated Liquid Dump Valves.

15 min
8 February 2024
How to Easily Identify and Convert 5 Valves to Zero Emission | Ep. #105

Many energy producers are looking for ways to manage and ultimately decrease the natural gas emissions⁠ on their well sites.  In this ep, we’ll help you identify 5 products may be emitting and offer some simple steps you can take to convert them to zero emission.  Re...

20 min
1 February 2024
Live from ADIPEC 2023! | Ep. #104

Daniel Beck and friends from DistributionNOW join us from ADIPEC 2023 in Dubai to discuss MENA production trends. Connect with Nick, Paul, and Daniel on LinkedIn.

21 min
19 December 2023
What is a Liquid Level Switch for? | Ep. #103

Brady Holster joins us from Wichita Falls to talk about Liquid Level Switch. Topics include: Using a level switch as a primary controller How easy it is to test the level switch How to and why to change the level switch from direct to indirect How to check the filte...

17 min
16 November 2023
Answering Questions about BMS, Level Control, Emissions & More! | Ep. #102

Will and Jeff cover: How to safely use compressed air in your burner management system Differences between the Gen 2 and a Gen 3 liquid level controllers Kimray's options for reducing emissions on a well site Tricks to maximizing the life of your valves and contro...

31 min
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