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Straight Talk with Sally

Sally has a passion for Personal Branding, Social Media Online Marketing and having a Positive Mindset. She is on a mission to get women across the globe to find their Inner Sparkle so the can build a business around their zone of genius and share their sparkle to help other. So if your ready to start living your life on your terms, it’s time to start taking action and gettin’ shit done. Join us each week as we educate and inspire with thought provoking conversions about what it takes to be a successful female coach, consultant, and thought leader, while balancing family, lifestyle, mindset and business.


Last Episode Date: 24 May 2024

Total Episodes: 200

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24 May 2024
Quick Tip on Getting Creative with Your Follow-up Method

In this episode of "Straight Talk with Sally Shor," Sally highlights the importance of creative follow-up methods in business coaching and sales. She suggests using phone calls, personalized videos, and handwritten notes to build stronger connections. Sally also discusses au...

6 min
22 May 2024
Quick Tip on Asking for Referrals

In this episode, host Sally emphasizes the power of asking for referrals. With a customer lifecycle automation system, this process becomes effortless. Don’t just rely on satisfied clients; actively seek referrals from both current clients and followers. Learn how to lever...

3 min
20 May 2024
Why I Stopped Selling and How It's Transforming My Business

In the latest episode, Sally discusses her decision to stop being the sole salesperson for her business. Despite her long history and love for selling, she's realized that she has become a bottleneck. To scale effectively, she has outsourced the sales function to a specializ...

33 min
17 May 2024
Quick Tip on Setting Up Deadlines in Your Follow-up System

In this episode of Straight Talk with Sally, the focus is on using deadlines to boost sales conversations. Sally highlights setting clear deadlines to maintain momentum, creating urgency by limiting consultation slots, and emphasizing program scarcity to prompt quicker decis...

3 min
16 May 2024
Quick Tip on Investing in a CRM

In this episode, Sally stresses the significance of utilizing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for efficient follow-ups, automated reminders, and appointment management. She refers to the CRM as the "beating heart" of her business, acting as a virtual staff me...

4 min
14 May 2024
Understanding the Value of Testimonials

In this week's episode, Sally delves into the Fillet Phase of the Freedom Funnel Formula, focusing on Messaging and Marketing as crucial components for scaling coaching businesses. She emphasizes the power of testimonials in overcoming objections like time, money, and spousa...

23 min
10 May 2024
Quick Tip on Being Persistent When Following-up

In this quick tip episode, Sally emphasizes the importance of persistence and respect in follow-up strategies. She suggests asking recipients about their preferred communication methods, whether it's Zoom, email, or direct messages, and how often they'd like to hear from you...

3 min
8 May 2024
Quick Tip on Providing Value for Clients

In this quick tip episode, Sally emphasizes the importance of providing value in follow-up messages rather than solely focusing on sales pitches. She advocates for offering valuable resources such as articles, blog posts, or videos related to the recipient's int...

3 min
6 May 2024
What is your Inner Sparkle? Have you found your Zone of Genius?

(note: Sally's lovely pet Cosmo decided to this episode hence the background noise) In this episode, Sally dives into the concept of finding your inner sparkle, also known as your zone of genius, and how it can elevate your life and career. Drawing from her personal journey...

31 min
4 May 2024
Quick Tip on Personalizing your Follow-Up

In this episode, Sally discusses the importance of personalizing your follow-ups to enhance your coaching approach. By tailoring messages to each individual's needs and interests, you stand out and establish genuine connections. Sally shares tips on automating personalizatio...

2 min
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