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Sprint-Zero is a podcast by Jon Russell and Mike Gowland, Consultants at a Microsoft Partner, that explores the world of Low Code Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Consultancy. Join us for regular guest appearances from the Power Platform and AI communities, "Uncomfortable Corner", a discussion on everything new in the products we specialise in and for a good laugh or two.Episodes are typically every two weeks.Music graciously provided by KenLikeFit


Last Episode Date: 20 June 2024

Total Episodes: 24

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20 June 2024
Shadow IT - Guest: David Wyatt

SummaryMike Gowland and Jon Russell are joined by David Wyatt, a Senior Staff Engineer at TJX Europe. They discuss David's journey into the Power Platform, the challenges of shadow IT, the impact of Microsoft Build announcements, and the discomfort of managing complianc...

33 min
17 June 2024
The One Without a Guest - Jon & Mike

SummaryIn this episode of the Sprint Zero podcast, Mike and Jon reflect on their recent experiences and updates. They discuss topics such as mentoring, AI chatbots, text-based adventure games, and their upcoming podcast session at Scottish Summit. Mike also shares his person...

53 min
13 June 2024
A Different Kind of Normal - Guest: Amy Hemingway

We chat to Amy Hemingway about her journey to Project Management, Supporting the Neurodiverse, The ANS Squirrel Club, Music and what makes her uncomfortable

37 min
5 June 2024
Purview Wizardry - Guest: Peter Rising

SummaryWe're joined in this episode by Peter Rising, Insight’s cyber security sage, as he charts a course through the world of security and compliance. His journey from YouTube presence and Microsoft 365 mastery underscores the art of compliance and the essence of dat...

27 min
29 May 2024
We're in so much trouble - Guest: Mark Smith

SummaryJoin the electrifying chat with Mark Smith, Power Platform maestro and Microsoft MVP, as he slices through tech norms with his robotic lawnmower passion and dyslexia superpower! Discover the MVP program’s lucrative perks and dive into Mark’s 90-Day Mentoring Chall...

58 min
22 May 2024
Non Profit - Guest: Ryan Johnston

SummaryDive into the dynamic world of Power Platform with Ryan Johnston, who brings a fresh perspective from web development to Power Apps 911. His story is a thrilling blend of tech savvy and human touch, showcasing how vital communication and understanding client needs are...

48 min
8 May 2024
Commodore 64 - Guest: Parvez Ghumra

SummaryTech Nostalgia & Modern Mastery 🚀 In a vibrant episode of Sprint Zero, Mike and Jon delve into tech evolution with Parvez Ghumra. From Commodore 64 memories to Power Platform prowess, they explore the journey from retro tech to cutting-edge innovation. The trio...

36 min
1 May 2024
Kia Ora! - Guest: Nathan Rose

SummarySummary of the showKey TakeawaysTake away 1Take away 2Special Thanks to[Guest Name] for joining us for this episode! You can find their socials at:LinkedInXTheir Blog [Blog Name]KenLikeFit for providing music for this episode - Find out more about him and listen to hi...

33 min
24 April 2024
Imposter Syndrome Corner - Guest: Emma-Claire Shaw

SummaryEmma-Claire Shaw, the Lead Product Manager for Power Platform at DEFRA, shares her personal journey and insights into citizen development. She talks about what makes a good product manager, the challenges of managing products at a large scale, and the exciting new tec...

36 min
17 April 2024
On Air in the Sprint Zero - Guest: Keith Atherton

SummaryJoin us on Sprint Zero as we chat with Keith Atherton, a solution architect at ANS Group. Discover Keith’s leap from traditional coding to the dynamic world of low code, unlocking rapid prototyping and MVP development. Get a glimpse of his gaming roots and ongoing v...

46 min
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