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Latest Special ReportsThese podcasts range from an in-depth interviews with business leaders, as well as the analysis of the news of the day, comprehensive analyses of news events to inspirational interviews with business leaders.


Last Episode Date: 9 January 2024

Total Episodes: 150

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9 January 2024
The presidency asks big businesses not to lay off workers

Rudi Dicks – Head of project management, Presidency

9 min
27 November 2023
Standard Bank adamant it had no role in rand manipulation case

Lungisa is CEO of Standard Bank South Africa

14 min
29 August 2023
Are hydrogen fuel-cell-powered cars in SA’s future?

Benny Oeyen from Anglo American

15 min
23 August 2023
Environmental concerns nullified in massive SA gas find

‘It makes absolute sense that every molecule of gas we can use to replace pollutive fuels is clearly the right way to go’: Kinetiko Energy CEO Nick de Blocq.

9 min
27 July 2023
Karpowership goes ahead with SA environmental applications

‘There are legal challenges on the power-generation licence that we get from Nersa, but that's a licence that we've already been granted and that process is currently ongoing’ – commercial director Mehmet Katmer.

13 min
11 July 2023
Green hydrogen: An ‘opportunity to completely re-industrialise SA’

The ultimate end game would be to replace coal as a fuel source with a completely carbon-free alternative, says Mike Peo from Nedbank CIB.

17 min
29 May 2023
Takatso eager to take control of SAA; ‘engaging’ with minority shareholders

Tshepo Mahloele says he personally finds SAA offers ‘a very warm and fuzzy’ service.

13 min
20 April 2023
The Post Office can work, if...

Mark Barns – Former CEO of the Post Office.

21 min
6 April 2023
Treasury does damage control

Shabeer Khan – Accountant-General, National Treasury

15 min
2 March 2023
What #Budget2023 means for SA and your pocket

The discussion includes highlights from the Budget, its tax implications, as well as how the new fiscal plan may affect your household finances, South Africa’s economy and the small business sector.

59 min
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