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Smoove T.V

Welcome to Smoove TV baby!

Last Episode Date: 26 January 2024

Total Episodes: 11

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26 January 2024
2024 Episode 1

Friday and Saturday nights has gotten a little bit more...Smoove!

15 min
14 March 2023
Fans. Dreams. Histroy of Smoove

1st topic is about wrestling fans getting a little INVOLVED in the matches 2nd is about not letting anyone take a poop on your dreams. 3rd is about the anniversary of my brother Otis and how Smoove Tv was created. Few curse words. You'll be ok.

14 min
6 February 2023
The return of Smoove TV baby!

Smoove TV makes its epic return!

5 min
5 January 2022
Smoove Tv Productions Reintroduction

Last year there were some hiccups with starting back up but we are back baby! 2022 We are doing it big. 

1 min
1 March 2021
Hollywood nights intro

After some time off from a variety of negative and very positive things in my life I've decided that it it was time to get back to doing something that I enjoy. I hope you enjoy and if not....well it's still gonna be those Hollywood Nights baby!

1 min
26 January 2020
Episode 7 with one of Pro Wrestlings legends......Sign Guy!

Sign guy has invaluable amount of knowledge and lessons in the wrestling business. Let's pick his brain a bit!

35 min
26 January 2020
Episode 6. Big O.

This Episode is a little different. This is just a small story of why I stay motivated to be a pro wrestler and part of it is in part of my brother and friend. Otis Sanders.

16 min
16 January 2020
Episode 5 with smoove!

Time to get to know my boy Ruben!

13 min
13 December 2019
Episode 4 with my boy Steve

Episode 3 is in the works due to some technical issues. Enjoy!

17 min
15 November 2019
Smoove Tv Episode 2

Episode 2 with my boy Josh from Wrestle Club!

13 min
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