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Small Business Spoonfuls

Small Business Spoonfuls is your weekly dose of HR news, employment law hot topics, and Q&A for Human Resources professionals and small business owners! Join Mason Merrell and EEOC Certified Investigator Lisa Smith, SPHR, SHRM-SCP for lively and candid discussions. We hold nothing back in this informative and entertaining podcast sponsored by


Last Episode Date: 9 February 2024

Total Episodes: 66

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9 February 2024
SBS 604: DEI, Mark Cuban and the EEOC

In this episode, we are talking about using the exchange on X between Mark Cuban several other Xers and the EEOC! Please don't forget to leave a review, like, and subscribe! Also, leave a voice comment or write me at and I will be sure your ...

18 min
5 February 2024
SBS 603: Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Your Human Resources Department

In this episode, we are talking about using AI (ChatGPT) in your HR department. Please don't forget to leave a review, like, and subscribe! Also, leave a voice comment or write me at and I will be sure your comment or question is addressed i...

13 min
5 February 2024
SBS 602 Generational Discrimination

In this episode, we are talking about Generational Discrimination and I am referring to this article. Please don't for get to leave a review, like, and subscribe! Also, leave a voice comment...

19 min
26 January 2024
SBS 601 How to Handle Anonymous Complaints from Employees

Question: What Should Our Company Do When An Employee Files a Complaint But Wishes To Remain Anonymous? Answer: When an employee sends an anonymous complaint, it can be tricky for a company to handle. Let’s take a hypothetical situation: Emma, an HR manager at a medium-si...

9 min
28 March 2023
My Customer Said their Snake Is A “Service Snake”. Is that a thing?

Today we discuss guidelines for allowing/not allowing service animals into your business. We talk about the questions you can and cannot ask the customer about the animals as well as the difference between service animals and emotional support animals! Further Reading: htt...

21 min
13 March 2023
Naughty Girls Need Minimum Wage and Overtime too!

This week we discuss a court case that took place where a club was misclassifying their dancers as independent contractors and you better believe they were ordered to pay up! Then we talk about some of the signs of employee vs. independent contractors. Lisa also talks about ...

16 min
7 March 2023
At-home workers: Paid Breaks, Unpaid Breaks, Nursing Mothers, and the FMLA

Today we discuss a new Field Assistance Bulletin published February 9, 2023 from the DOL that has guidance about remote workers paid/unpaid breaks along with nursing mothers. Links to everything we talked about below: To learn more about our services visit ...

15 min
28 February 2023
ASK HR SUPPORT: My Employee Stripped after the Christmas Party

Question: We had some employees leave our Christmas party and go elsewhere continuing to drink. They ended up at a strip club with one of our female employees getting up and dancing, including taking clothes off.  Is there anything that needs to be done or said to these...

19 min
20 February 2023
ASK HR SUPPORT: Employee is a Wiccan - Now What?!

Question: I have a female employee who is Wiccan and keeps a Wiccan notebook at her workstation. While she was absent some of her co-workers looked at it and have become uncomfortable with the employee's Wiccan notebook because they say it contains spells and other "witchy" ...

16 min
13 February 2023
ASK HR SUPPORT: No Kids Allowed in Your Own Home?

Question: Since Covid, we have closed down our offices and work remotely now. We are in the process of hiring for another position - which will also be remote. Can we tell someone they can't have their children at home while working? The job will be answering calls and email...

12 min
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