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Silicon Valley Byte Size – The Allianz Technology Trust Podcast

A look at developments from the technology sector and what they mean for investors. The Allianz Technology Trust investment team will offer their insight, as they discuss cutting edge companies and how they are changing our lives.


Last Episode Date: 11 April 2024

Total Episodes: 24

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11 April 2024
Making connections

The Internet-of-Things can often conjure up images of smart home devices and either utopian or dystopian views of a fully connected life. However, there are many other use cases, for example in industrial applications, where the technology has wide ranging implications for e...

15 min
13 December 2023
The post-pandemic technology landscape

The technology sector that has emerged from the pandemic is different to the one that went before. And we are still seeing some of the ramifications. In this latest podcast we discuss how the sector has changed over the past two years, and how that is reflected in the portfo...

14 min
31 August 2023
AI – opportunity or threat?

ChatGPT has brought artificial intelligence (AI) firmly into investors’ sights in 2023. But, where are we today in terms of AI and its applications, and where are we going in the future? Cherry and Mike look at the implications and whether the initial euphoria from an inve...

15 min
16 June 2023
The big business of cyber crime

In this latest podcast, portfolio manager Mike Seidenberg and stand-in host Jon Cronin focus in on the topic of cybersecurity. The team look at what the implications are to us all in our daily lives, but also how this impacts businesses, corporations, and governments. With h...

13 min
16 June 2023
Cyber-crime-fighters – capes not required!

Picking up where the previous podcast episode left off, portfolio manager Mike Seidenberg and host Jon Cronin dive a little deeper on the topic of cybersecurity. Which companies are championing the fight-back, what should investors be thinking about in that sector, and how d...

11 min
30 March 2023
Geopolitics and Technology

In this latest podcast, portfolio manager Mike Seidenberg and host Cherry Reynard focus in on a single issue: geopolitics and how it’s affecting the technology sector. The geopolitical landscape has seen many issues over the past year, with war in Europe and a significant ...

26 min
3 January 2023
Finding our Sea Legs

At the sunset of 2022, Mike Seidenberg joined Cherry Reynard for the final time of the year to discuss how unprecedented macroeconomic factors (at least in recent memory) and nervous markets are combining to make managing a technology portfolio something like trying to find ...

20 min
2 November 2022
A Rollercoaster Ride

2022 has undoubtedly been a difficult year so far for the technology sector and for technology investors in turn. Portfolio manager Mike Seidenberg joins host Cherry Reynard to discuss how the current negative market sentiment and economic backdrop is balanced against the on...

16 min
11 August 2022
Winners and losers

Against the force of rising inflation and interest rates, there has been indiscriminate pressure on tech stock valuations. Those valuations now look much more reasonable, and all eyes are on corporate earnings with a dispersion of results emerging. As economic growth continu...

25 min
6 April 2022
Momentous Events

Just one quarter into 2022 the world has already seen significant economic and geopolitical events. How might this impact the technology sector, both in the short- but also the longer-term? In this latest podcast, the team ponder the balance of short-term headwinds with cont...

27 min
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