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She Mentors

She Mentors is mentoring community for purpose-driven women. Each month our members take part in The Mentor Hour and share knowledge, skills and experiences to help each other succeed. It's about giving AND receiving mentorship.Our podcast showcases some of the incredible talent we have inside the membership, including business owners, career coaches, mindset mentors, leadership experts, diversity and inclusion advocates, plus many more.We love to celebrate women throughout their entire journey, acknowledging the highs, lows and never-ending rollercoaster of being women in business. Get actionable tips, inspiring stories and relatable 'ah-ha' moments of successful business women all over Australia.


Last Episode Date: 22 May 2024

Total Episodes: 51

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22 May 2024
How to rebuild your career after redundancy

If your job has recently been made redundant, take a listen to our podcast episode with Advisor, Facilitator and Coach Deborah Daly for tips on how to rebuild your career (and confidence) so you can bounce back. In this tough economic climate, many people are finding themse...

47 min
5 March 2024
How to Negotiate a Pay Rise, Flexibility or Perks 🙌

Learn how to negotiate a pay rise or flexibility at work with this how-to guide from Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Practitioner Stephanie Lam.Following WGEA's decision to publish the Gender Pay Gap of Australian companies with 100+ employees, there is a spotlight on...

35 min
20 January 2024
What Women REALLY want from their workplaces in 2024 🚀

Whether you're new to She Mentors or a lifetime member, we would love to invite you to amplify our mission in 2024.Women are still underpaid, undervalued and underrepresented in the workplace. So let's unite for the greater good to drive change.She Mentors has grow...

50 min
15 February 2022
Live Your Life's Purpose and Drive Change

Real talk. Is the work you’re doing right now meaningful to you? Lots of people want to make a difference but don’t know how. The answer lies in identifying your purpose. In this episode of the She Mentors podcast, we speak with two influential women  who genuinely LOV...

57 min
25 January 2022
How to Handle Conflict at Work

It’s easy to work with others when the relationships flow. But what about when you're up against a professional disagreement with a co-worker, or you're heading into a meeting that you're dreading?Rebecca Christianson, Founder and Director of Thriving People...

28 min
14 December 2021
Celebrating Diverse Cultures with Richa Joshi, Founder of Dual Nation

Richa Joshi is a soloprenuer who has built, scaled and sold two businesses prior to launching her current innovation, Dual Nation. Dual Nation was founded with the aim to create culturally-inclusive designs for clothing, bags and more that can serve as conversation starters...

43 min
23 November 2021
The Highs and Lows of Starting a Coaching Business

What myths have you been told about your own potential? What beliefs have blocked you from going after what you REALLY want?After bouncing back from a career setback during COVID, Vari McGaan recovered in a HUGE way by launching her Courage and Career Coach business. Today w...

25 min
9 November 2021
How to Boost Your LinkedIn Strategy with Karen Hollenbach

LinkedIn is more than a professional networking site. With more than 660 million users spread across 200 countries, it’s become a powerful marketing tool for any professional, business owner or job seeker. When your LinkedIn marketing strategy is executed properly, it can...

50 min
19 October 2021
Body Size: the Last Frontier of Diversity and Inclusion with Andrea Westbrook

How do our feelings about bodies (ours and other people’s) shape our experience of the world? Weight stigma is a real force in our society and affects us all – whether we’re tackling body images issues or not.In this episode of the She Mentors podcast, Mindset and Conf...

32 min
5 October 2021
How to Cultivate Better Days with Rituals with Laetitia Andrac

Are you ready to achieve better results at work and a stronger sense of fulfillment in your day?In this episode, we're joined by Laetitia Andrac, a holistic business coach, ‘soul doula’ and Founder of Essential Shift. Laetitia helps womxn leaders & entrepreneurs...

35 min
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