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SELF Reflections

Schools Excess Liability Fund (SELF), located in Sacramento, CA, was the response to a nationwide insurance crisis nearly 40 years ago when California schools and colleges were suddenly unable to purchase excess liability coverage at an affordable price. SELF is a not-for-profit, joint powers authority governed by the membership and run by a full-time staff, dedicated solely to SELF and its members. On SELF Reflections, industry leaders will join host Lois Gormley to discuss and explore relevant risk management, coverage and legislative matters that impact California’s schools and colleges.


Last Episode Date: 4 April 2024

Total Episodes: 2

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4 April 2024
CSA Statistics & Prevention Efforts

Host Lois Gormley talks to Candace Collins, Director of Strategic Alliances at Praesidium, about Childhood Sexual Assault (CSA) statistics in the education setting and prevention efforts.

29 min
11 January 2024
Let us introduce ourselves

Meet Self Reflections host Lois Gormley. In this first episode, we introduce ourselves and cover the basics of Schools Excess Liability Fund (SELF). Lois, SELF's Director of Communications & Member Services, has a conversation with CEO Dave George and Board Chair Re...

27 min
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