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Seek Go Create

Welcome to "Seek Go Create: The Leadership Journey," where faith and business intersect to redefine success in leadership. Hosted by Tim Winders, a seasoned executive coach and author, this podcast is your gateway to thriving in the competitive world of business without compromising your core values and beliefs. Every Monday, join us as we explore how successful business leaders integrate their spiritual life into their professional endeavors. Discover actionable insights and strategies for maintaining integrity and fostering innovation, even in tough market conditions. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking to build a kingdom-minded business, a CEO aiming to infuse your corporate environment with Christian values, or a manager navigating ethical dilemmas, "Seek Go Create" provides the wisdom and support you need. Our episodes feature in-depth discussions with thought leaders and innovators who share how they've successfully woven faith into their leadership and business practices. From overcoming challenges to celebrating milestones, we cover it all, equipping you with the knowledge to lead with conviction and impact. Tune in to "Seek Go Create: The Leadership Journey" for your weekly dose of inspiration and practical advice on how to lead with faith, grow personally and professionally, and impact your world without losing sight of what truly matters. Join our community of faithful leaders and subscribe now to never miss an episode. Embrace the journey of redefining success with integrity, purpose, and a whole lot of heart.


Last Episode Date: 20 May 2024

Total Episodes: 264

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20 May 2024
Authenticity and Achievement: David Wood's Guide to Meaningful Success

Are you ready to confront life's toughest moments and emerge not just successful, but fundamentally transformed? In this riveting episode of Seek Go Create, join us as we sit down with David Wood, a master coach who's deftly turned personal tragedy into a powerful catalyst f...

57 min
13 May 2024
Rock Star to Hermit: The Power of Solitude with Music Legend John Michael Talbot

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the constant noise and distractions of today’s world? In this thought-provoking episode of Seek Go Create, we sit down with the legendary John Michael Talbot to explore the transformative power of solitude and the lost art of deep prayer. Dis...

61 min
6 May 2024
Melodies of Life and Love: Insights from Andi Ashworth and Charlie Peacock

Have you ever considered the intricate dance between seeking wisdom and creating impact in a world that values tangible success? In this thought-provoking episode of "Seek Go Create," we sit down with veteran creative spirits Andi Ashworth and Charlie Peacock to unravel the ...

76 min
29 April 2024
Strategic Giving and Lasting Legacies: Barron Damon's Philanthropic Insights

Have you ever wondered what it takes to give back in a way that aligns with your deepest values? In today's episode of Seek Go Create, we sit down with philanthropic coach Barron Damon to unravel the true meaning of generosity beyond the dollar signs. Barron shares his trans...

63 min
22 April 2024
From Chaos to Calm: Kendra Nicole's Financial Wisdom for Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur who's ever felt the burden of financial chaos on your shoulders? In this captivating episode of Seek Go Create, we sit down with financial guru Kendra Nicole, CEO of Finance Femme, who unpacks the essentials of balancing "peace and profits" in the bus...

61 min
15 April 2024
Path to Prosperity: Stephen De Silva on Overcoming a Poverty Mindset

Are you trapped in a cycle of financial stress, feeling like an orphan in a world of wealth? In this thought-provoking episode of Seek Go Create, we sit down with Stephen De Silva, former CFO of the renowned Bethel Church and founder of Prosperous Soul Ministries. Dive deep ...

67 min
8 April 2024
Unlocking Franchisepreneur Success with Expert Kim Daly

Are you harnessing the power of your mindset to transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality? In this compelling episode of Seek Go Create, we sit down with the dynamic Kim Daly, a seasoned franchise consultant with a two-decade track record, to unlock the secrets of b...

64 min
1 April 2024
Stepping Out of the Boat with Ron Cool

Have you ever felt trapped between the identity you've built and the spiritual call you're struggling to follow? In this poignant episode of Seek Go Create, host Tim Winders sits down with Ron Cool, host of "New Path, New You," to explore the transformative journey from succ...

69 min
25 March 2024
Crafting Impactful Narratives for Leadership and Growth: Insights from Guillaume Wiatr

Have you ever considered the power of narrative in shaping your life and work? In this riveting episode of "Seek Go Create," Tim Winders engages with narrative strategist, Guillaume Wiatr, who reveals how strategic narratives can transform our personal and business journeys....

64 min
18 March 2024
Beating Chaos with Purpose: Strategies for Integrating Faith and Business with Gary Harpst

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of leadership and seeking a path that intertwines purpose with business acumen? In this impactful episode of Seek Go Create, host Tim Winders sits down with seasoned CEO Gary Harpst to explore the intricate dance between order and cha...

66 min
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