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Scaling Justice

Welcome to Scaling Justice, a podcast that examines the justice system and how we can better understand the issues that impact our courts, practitioners, technologists, and community members. Join Scaling Justice host Brendan Hughes, Director of Marketing at equivant, as he interviews industry experts and explores how technology can intersect with justice to create court solutions that improve outcomes for all involved.


Last Episode Date: 14 March 2024

Total Episodes: 14

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14 March 2024
Revolutionizing Court Management in Florida

When you improve the docketing process, it helps all stakeholders.   In this episode, Jill Lennon and Tami Ortiz from the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller of Collier County share how they’ve revolutionized court management in Florida. They use Sh...

24 min
13 December 2023
Keys to Successful Court CMS Implementations: Expert Advice from Over 100 Successful Implementations

The importance of implementing a new case management system (CMS) can’t be stressed enough. It’s the backbone of a highly functional, well-run court that effectively serves its community. But without successful implementation, you might not get the most out of your CMS. ...

16 min
7 September 2023
Integrating Cloud-Based Solutions into a Secure Work Environment

Get your head into the cloud with equivant’s Patricia Jacoby and explore the benefits of hosted case management systems (CMS).  “It's all about accessibility, and cloud-based systems are basically accessible from anywhere.” Patricia Jacoby has more than 29 years of e...

19 min
8 June 2023
How Automating Everyday Court Processes Helps Advance Justice

Get out of the file drawer and into automated case management systems (CMS) with equivant’s Sherry-Lynn Agcanas-Wolf. The pressures of going virtual can be overwhelming for courts plagued by staffing shortages, limited budgets and resources, and increased demand for se...

24 min
9 September 2020
Mental Health: Prosecutors Driving Big Change in Rural America

From a single test case to a thriving mental health program that’s saved $2M in incarceration costs over two years: Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer and the team in Lewis County, Wash., are working to keep people with serious mental illnesses out of jail and in contact with the ...

41 min
21 July 2020
Paul Wormeli on Data, Technology, and the Collaboration that Makes it Work

“Your job is to make your data discoverable, not to hoard it.” Paul Wormeli has briefed everyone from the former director of national intelligence who wrote those words to J. Edgar Hoover to local agencies, and his message is clear: Integration and collaboration are key ...

40 min
22 April 2020
Measures for Justice: Stories of Data in Action

Amy Bach, founder of the non-profit Measures for Justice, lives by the motto: “You can’t change what you can’t see.” Illuminating the truth through data has been her life’s passion, and Amy works with agencies across the country to make meaningful change to promote...

50 min
10 March 2020
How the CSG Justice Center is ‘Stepping Up’ for Behavioral Health

The line between health issues and legal issues is frequently blurred, particularly with mental illness and substance use disorders. How can we un-blur that line? How do we get people the help they need while maintaining public safety? Ayesha Delany-Brumsey of the Council o...

38 min
14 February 2020
Judge Anthony Capizzi’s View from the Bench: What’s Up with Kids Today?

Youth crime is down, but the severity of offenses is up. Abuse and neglect are on the rise. Kids today are dealing with a lot, and sometimes, courts have the opportunity to intervene at just the right moment to make a difference. Host Sue Humphreys welcomes the Honorable Ju...

35 min
13 January 2020
A2J: Tipping the Scale Toward Accessibility

A2J has become one of the many buzzwords in the justice sector, but what does true access to justice look like? What can courts do to tip the scales toward accessibility? Join host Sue Humphreys as she digs into court accessibility with special guest Renee Danser, Associate ...

27 min
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