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Scaling Culture

Join Ron Lovett (who is obsessed with culture) as he speaks with thought leaders who share their experiences with building incredible high performing cultures.

Last Episode Date: 8 April 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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8 April 2024
DHL's Culture Revolution, Scaling Empathy and Being Bold - Episode 102 with Rick Jackson

Our guest is Rick Jackson - Executive Vice President Engagement & Enablement at Deutsche Post DHL Group. During his 18 years with Deutsche Post DHL Group, Rick has gained a wealth of experience and expertise in various parts of the business. Rick works closely with al...

50 min
14 February 2024
‘Mighty Five’ Framework for Elevating Company Culture - Episode 101 with Robert Glazer

Our guest is Robert Glazer - a serial entrepreneur, award-winning executive, bestselling author, and keynote speaker. Robert is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of global partner marketing agency, Acceleration Partners. Under Bob’s leadership, Acceleration Partners ...

59 min
30 December 2023
Charting Clearmotive’s Culture Journey: AHA Moment, Lessons, Strategies & Impact - Episode 100 with Tyler Chisholm

Our guest is Tyler Chisholm, Co-Founder and CEO of clearmotive group, a full-service marketing agency, and the host of two podcasts — They Just Get It and Collisions YYC. Tyler's superpower is being “endlessly curious,” which has served him in many ways, from growing ...

53 min
2 November 2023
Culture by Design, Blameless Problem-Solving and Impactful Company Rituals - Episode 99 with David J. Friedman

Our guest is David J. Friedman - Founder/CEO of CultureWise and the author of two books “Culture by Design” and “Fundamentally Different” His leadership story began in the 1980’s where he cut his teeth as President of RSI, an award-winning employee benefits firm i...

77 min
18 October 2023
Listening to Employees and Leveraging Data to Better Understand and Deal With Burnout - Episode 98 with Dr. Gary Russo (Providence)

Our guest is Dr. Gary Russo - the Executive Director of Workforce Intelligence at Providence; a not-for-profit health system supporting ~120,000 caregivers (employees) across the US West Coast. Gary has >10 years of experience building world-class analytics teams while...

46 min
27 September 2023
Hybrid Effectiveness, Leader Development and Inclusive Leadership - Episode 97 with Kate Berardo (Meta)

Our guest is Kate Berardo - VP of Executive Development at Meta. In her role, Kate is charged with setting the leadership development strategy and developing Meta’s leaders to best equip them to lead into the future. She is a specialist in leadership and team development...

53 min
13 September 2023
Organizational Culture With 350,000 Leaders - Episode 96 with Stephen Pierce (Hitachi Europe)

Our guest is Stephen Pierce - Vice President and Chief HR Officer at Hitachi Europe. Stephen has led HR in international businesses for more than 30 years. He has been recognized publicly for business leadership, including being appointed a Companion of the Chartered Manage...

46 min
6 September 2023
Culture Transformation With 300,000+ People and 175 Years Legacy - Episode 95 with Judith Wiese (Siemens)

Our guest is Judith Wiese - Chief People and Sustainability Officer at Siemens. Judith has more than two decades of international experience in various HR fields. In her current role at Siemens, Judith focuses on driving an inclusive and empowering culture that paves the ...

53 min
13 April 2023
Bolt: Conscious Culture - Episode 94

Our guest is Adam McBain - Vice President of People at Bolt. Adam’s career in people and culture spans 17 years and began initially in talent acquisition at Nokia. At Nokia, Adam discovered his true passion for human resources. He has held multiple roles throughout his c...

47 min
29 March 2023
Limbach: The Importance of Culture, How to Get Buy-in and Change Management - Episode 93

Our guest is Melissa DiMuro - Chief People & Culture Officer at Limbach, a public company of 1,700+ team members delivering engineering, construction and services solutions to owners and partners across the United States. Since joining the Company in January 2021, Melis...

47 min
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