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Sales Zen

What if your intuition could be your biggest sales weapon?  Join Kevin Currie on the Sales Zen podcast to unlock the power of intuition in your sales process.
For 30 years, Kevin has closed deals at industry giants like Meta (Facebook/Instagram), Yelp and the Detroit Lions.   Now he's sharing the most overlooked trait between top sellers and those who struggle to hit their numbers... Intuition.
Each quick hitting episode is packed with actionable insights, inspiring stories and easy to digest content designed to help you sharpen your intuition, read the room and close more deals with confidence.  
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Last Episode Date: 22 May 2024

Total Episodes: 35

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22 May 2024
Understand Why They Said Yes

It's just as important to understand why a client said yes as it is why they said no.

1 min
20 May 2024
Detach From Outcomes

Clients don't buy from you so you can mark closed won in your CRM.  They buy based on the impact the partnership will have on their business. 

1 min
17 May 2024
Think Like A CEO

Are you struggling to expand your outreach?  Try thinking like a CEO.  

1 min
15 May 2024
Embrace Failure

I failed last year.  Not only did I fail in hitting my goals, I failed in how I let it impact me.  Sales comes with highs and lows.  Learning to embrace failure will only help you succeed in the long run.

3 min
13 May 2024
Trust The Process

Internal demands and fire drills are part of being a B2B seller.  Top sellers separate the internal panic from their approach with clients.

1 min
10 May 2024
Focus On The Process

If you are struggling to maximize your success, start with your process.  Top sellers work tirelessly on their approach to the business.  They are flexible to make pivots but they always have a set process.

1 min
9 May 2024
Hold Clients Accountable

Top sellers view client deadlines and accountability as buying signals.  Don't be afraid to give the clients deadlines upfront.  Once they are invested in the partnership they want it to move forward as much as you do. 

1 min
8 May 2024
Move On From Stuck Deals

Top sellers have enough in their pipeline they are able to move on from chasing a potential client.  Be protective of your time and move on.

1 min
7 May 2024
Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Top sellers are willing to put themselves out there.  You don't need to have all the answers but you do need to be uncomfortable to truly unlock your potential.

1 min
6 May 2024
Active Listening

Active listening and curiosity are critical to success.  Want to be a top rep? Listen without judgement or jumping to conclusions.

1 min
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