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Ruminate Podcast

A podcast about what's on our minds.

Last Episode Date: 14 May 2024

Total Episodes: 183

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14 May 2024
184 - The Rhythm of the Newsroom

184 - The Rhythm of the Newsroom Snack follow up, a WeblogPoMo progress update, the 100 best albums, and AI on iOS. Herr's Carolina Reaper Flavoured Cheese Curls - 1oz (28.4g) - American Fizz The rack of KitKats #WeblogPoMo • Robb Knight 7622 - Why I spell my name with tw...

36 min
30 April 2024
183 - You Could Get a Big Can in There

More snacks than you can shake a stick at, Weblog posting month 2024, Raycast experiments, and some new game controllers. Pringles Crocs: New shoes, ankle holster and crisp flavor unveiled Jalapeno Popper Cheese Curls – Herr's Chupa Chups Cola Popcorn 110g | Popcorn | B&a...

29 min
16 April 2024
182 - Straight to the Eggplant and Peach

John has more pickle snacks, Robb bought a new keyboard, and John grills Robb on what exactly EchoFeed is. Krinkle Cut™ Dill Pickle - Kettle Brand Join Club MacStories Using the 8BitDo Keyboard on MacOS • Robb Knight 8BitDo Ultimate Controller with Charging Dock(Blueto...

33 min
2 April 2024
181 - A Dusting of Dill

Starting with some very old follow up, John has a story about Dominos, they both have a near-miss on being April-fooled, then into a discussion about webmentions, plus a little bit about Arc. Webmentions | crashthearcade Mastodon Webmentions and Privacy • Robb Knight Neatn...

31 min
17 March 2024
180 - Spoilers for Colin

180 - Spoilers for Colin Ruminate joins MacStories then some follow up on the AI/Arc discussion, Tim Berners-Lee’s open letter, Robb explains Colin the Caterpillar, and John dives into Southern food. Ruminate is now part of MacStories Ruminate Joins MacStories  Pizza H...

32 min
5 March 2024
179 - Full of Spicy Takes

Magic Rays of Light - MacStories @rknightuk on pixelfed The pub photo guy on pixelfed Instagram is threatening legal action against Pixelfed | Hacker News Pixelfed Mobile Apps Neatnik Notes · Motive as a filter feedle: Search and Discover Quality RSS Feeds from Thousands of...

32 min
20 February 2024
178 - Emoji Fries

THE Eleventy Meetup Using Eleventy to Gobble Up Everything I Do Online - YouTube Eleventy, a simpler static site generator Netcraft, Facebook, and Digital Ocean • Robb Knight Where is all of the fediverse? Dedicated Server, Cloud, Storage & Hosting Federico's Mastodon...

26 min
6 February 2024
177 - First Impressions with John

THE Eleventy Meetup Pika - Start Your Happy Blog Scribbles 🆕 Never Post! I'm Mad, You're Mad, We're All Mad Here Decoder with Nilay Patel: Platformer’s Casey Newton on surviving the great media collapse and what comes next on Apple Podcasts Ruminates’s producer is Ro...

29 min
23 January 2024
176 - An App for my Birthday

The Web is Fantastic • Robb Knight Blogroll • Robb Knight A Survey of Popular Apps Currently Compatible With Apple Vision Pro - MacStories

31 min
9 January 2024
175 - I Love a Good Pulp Solid

PROPERCORN x KFC Popcorn Chicken Popcorn 70g - Tesco Groceries Best 7 Layer Dip Recipe - How To Make 7 Layer Dip John Voorhees "Doing my homework for Ruminate" Robb Knight: "My @ruminate show and tell this week" Online Shop | Nando's Official Merchandise – Nando's Shop K...

34 min
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