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Right of the Fork

Think Portland, Oregon is all VooDoo Doughnuts and "put an egg on it?" One of Portland's most prominent "food sherpas" and Portland Food Adventures' founder Chris Angelus along with co-host Cort Johnson invite the region’s most prominent and up-and-coming tastemakers to pull up a chair and talk about the craft of food & beverage in their own words. This is “Right at the Fork.”


Last Episode Date: 14 June 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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14 June 2024
#389 Brooke Jackson Glidden - Portland Monthly

One of the hardest working people in the media biz, Brooke Jackson Glidden joins the podcast between editorial positions.  Her six-year tenure at Eater as Portland's editor and writer just came to an end as she anticipates taking the editorial helm at Portland Monthly.  We...

81 min
7 June 2024
#388 Chad Draizin and the Fifty Licks Fire

On the morning of May 10, 2024, Chad Draizin woke up to a notification that his flagship Fifty Licks Ice Cream store had a little problem.  That's when the rollercoaster of information and crazy stuff started, appearing not to be a big deal but in short time turning out to...

94 min
24 May 2024
#387 Elias Cairo - Olympia Provisions. Alpenrausch and Bar Casa Vale Inbox

Elias Cairo is the co-owner and head salumist at Olympia Provisions in Portland. Cairo grew up in a Greek-American family, where he learned to appreciate the value of handmade food. He later traveled to Europe to apprentice with master chefs and butchers, where he honed his ...

89 min
17 May 2024
#386 Sam Smith - Yaowarat

Chef Sam Smith has been a notable figure in the Portland culinary scene since he arrived in the city from the Bay Area. He is currently the chef at Yaowarat, Portland Monthly's 2023 Restaurant of the Year.  Sam talks about the experiences of traveling through Thailand with ...

85 min
10 May 2024
RATF Classic: #362 Garrett Peck - RBC (Rancher Butcher Chef) Bend

Right at the Fork is supported by:  Zupan's Markets:  RingSide Steakhouse:  Portland Food Adventures: Capitola Coffee:  Acre Forge Knives: (use cod...

67 min
3 May 2024
#385 Portland Radio's Danny Dwyer - Talkin' In-N-Out

There may be no bigger fan of In-N-Out in the Portland area than Danny Dwyer. Yes, that Danny Dwyer, a long time voice on country radio in Portland at 98.7 The Bull. In this episode we talk about his love of In-N-Out, what it might mean for the Portland food scene.  We also...

37 min
26 April 2024
RATF Classic: #370 Peter Kost - Ken's Artisan Pizza and Carina Lounge

This episode of Right at the Fork comes from December of 2023.   Original notes:   Peter Kost grew up in Seattle, where his love for food was established as the son of farmers who sold their goods at the Seattle Public Market.  Peter's journey has taken him from restauran...

19 April 2024
#384 Sandi Wilkens - Quaintrelle and Abbey Road Farm

Sandi Wilkens is the proprietor of both the Portland restaurant Quaintrelle, and also the Willamette Valley's Abbey Road Farm.  We talk about the virtues of both and what helped them to drive through the pandemic to be beacons in their respective worlds today.     Sandi ...

73 min
5 April 2024
#383 Rob Sample - Mother's Bistro

Rob Sample joins us on the podcast.  He's the Chief Schmoozing Officer at Mother’s Bistro, where his wife Lisa has been well known as the chef and restaurateur since 2002.  Lisa just won the area's "Most Remarkable Woman" award on KOIN and we thought there was no one bet...

95 min
29 March 2024
RATF Classic: #357 Joel Stocks - L'Orange

From July 2023:   Joel Stocks has found a new home at his new restaurant/wine bar L'Orange with business partner Jeff Vejr, also of Las Caves.  We discuss what L'Orange is all about, including the visions both he and Jeff had when opening their wine bar/restaurant in the f...

73 min
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