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Industry leaders get real on the business of running a thriving studio in motion, production, or sound. Hosted by RevThink. © 2015–2024. All Rights Reserved.


Last Episode Date: 21 May 2024

Total Episodes: 172

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21 May 2024
Creative Department with Kevin Robinson

Kevin Robinson is an award-winning design leader with decades of experience as a director, entrepreneur, executive creative director, strategist, and advisor. Throughout his professional career, Robinson founded and led Juniper Jones, a multidisciplinary studio, and most rec...

45 min
15 April 2024
Luxury at Heart | Marlene P. Naicker at MULDOONEYS

Marlene P. Naicker, a serial fashion entrepreneur and the Founder/Creative Director of MULDOONEYS, epitomizes resilience and innovation. Born in apartheid-era South Africa in 1975, she draws inspiration from influential figures like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, embodyi...

35 min
4 April 2024
Respectful Creative Leadership with Joanne Chan | Turner Duckworth

Joanne is CEO of Turner Duckworth, a world-class branding agency with studios in San Francisco, London and New York. Turner Duckworth has designed some of the world’s most valuable brands, including Amazon, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Levi’s and Samsung. Joanne’s first ca...

62 min
28 March 2024
Showcasing Creativity: A Conversation with STASH’s Stephen Price

Stephen Price is the founder and creative director of Stash Media Inc. and executive editor of Stash Magazine and the Stash Permanent Collection – the world’s only video streaming platform dedicated to design, animation, and VFX. Stephen has given dozens of talks on desi...

66 min
7 March 2024
From Reels to Real Impact: The Creative Journey of Will Travis

Will Travis is an internationally respected brand builder and social connector. With a career leading respected branding / advertising agencies ATTIK, Dentsu and SidLee as CEO, he has worked with brands like Toyota, Facebook, Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola. After a 25-year career in...

60 min
21 February 2024
RevThinking 2024 Teaser

1 min
15 December 2023
"I’ve Made a Mass of Myself!" and Other Reflections on 12 Years in Business - Shawna & Matt Schultz

We’ve seen MassFX Media grow stronger every year, along with their remarkable client list and portfolio. The 12-year evolution of this studio is nothing short of inspiring. Join us behind-the-scenes as we dig into the creative process of Shawna and Matt, as well as the su...

53 min
2 December 2023
Why We Keep Doing Camp Mograph | Guest: Mark Cernosia

Those who know, know: Camp Mograph fosters inclusivity, promoting open dialogue among attendees and speakers without hierarchy. Originally a passion project, the event has transformed into a business, posing challenges in balancing time commitment and preserving the initial...

51 min
13 November 2023
Moving Sound Up the Food Chain with Eric Singer at Coupe Studios

What happens when your studio fully exploits the untapped potential of sonic expertise? To answer that question, our guest Eric Singer shares a bit of the science – and a lot of his passion – from the forefront of audio awesomeness at Coupe Studios. Follow the work of E...

31 min
27 October 2023
Mothers of MoGraph with Jennie Davis and Kaci Smith

In this special podcast episode, Tim Thompson, founder at RevThink, sits down with the inspiring creators behind the newly formed community, Mothers of MoGraph: Jennie Davis and Kaci Smith. Discover the strength, resilience, and great creativity that drives the Mothers of Mo...

48 min
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