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Retro Blissed

Two gamers with a love for the history of video games play and discuss the best and worst titles in existence. Blow out your NES cartridge, check the batteries in your remote, and memorize your Game Genie codes… It’s time to get RETRO!

Last Episode Date: 26 January 2024

Total Episodes: 238

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26 January 2024
Retro Blissed Episode 198 - Trevor Reflects on Past, Present, and Future Surprise

Surprise! A special episode of Retro Blissed is here! Trevor has an open talk about the hole Retro Blissed has left in his life, the possible future of this channel, and ends by doing a quick year in review of Retro Blissed episodes from 2023.

0 min
14 August 2023
Episode 197 - Let's Get Into It

On this very special episode of Retro Blissed, Trevor and Johnny talk about some very important things… It’s pretty boring and WHO CARES??? The second half is the fun part: a MASSIVE sized Bliss quiz full of insight into the twisted minds behind the definitive* podcast i...

0 min
24 May 2023
Retro Blissed Episode 196 - Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga came out in 2003 for the Gameboy Advance. It was the first Mario & Luigi game, but the third Mario RPG behind the SNES original and Paper Mario for N64. Will Trevor and Johnny be charmed by this offbeat RPG adventure, or will they react t...

0 min
26 April 2023
Retro Blissed Episode 195 - Castlevania III Dracula's Curse

Castlevania III for the NES and Famicom is the last in the blood sucking trilogy for the NES, and considered by many one of the best in the series. But will Trevor and Johnny be able to overcome the immense challenge of this NES hard game, or will they fall off the steps and...

0 min
13 April 2023
Retro Blissed Episode 194 - Super Mario Land 2 - Six Golden Coins

The guys review the other Super Mario Land game for Gameboy. That is, after some of the worst attempts at banter ever attempted. Seriously, it seems this podcast just gets worse and worse and no one cares. When Retro Blissed literally ruins audio for everyone, who is to blam...

0 min
31 March 2023
Retro Blissed Episode 193 - Eliminator Boat Duel

Eliminator Boat Duel is an action packed top down racer for the NES. It also features 8-bit bikini clad women, which, much like the powerful speed boats featured in the game, proves too much for a couple of immature morons to handle.

0 min
16 March 2023
Retro Blissed Episode 192 - Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening DX

Link's Awakening was the first portable Zelda game. Trevor and Johnny review the DX version released later for the Gameboy Color. This episode includes a new Bliss Quiz, an embarrassing story, and was too big to fit into a pocket...much like Trevor and Johnny.

0 min
2 March 2023
Retro Blissed Episode 191 - Knight Rider

Knight Rider is a 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System game based on the hit tv series. Tim joins Johnny and Trevor to decide if this game is a Hasselhoff, or just a hassle.

0 min
15 February 2023
Retro Blissed presents Pocket Review Episode 24 - Kid Dracula for Gameboy

Welcome to Pocket Review, from the guys that brought you Retro Blissed! Pocket Review is back with a cute spin off of the Castlevania series for the original Gameboy. You play as Dracula's kid as you platform your way through fun levels and shoot fireballs at goofy enemies.

0 min
1 February 2023
Retro Blissed Episode 190 - Mario Party 2

Fan favorite Mario Party 2 for N64 took Nintendo's Mario and crew to space, a pirate ship, the wild west, an unexplored jungle, and even a spooky graveyard as dice are rolled, friendships are ruined, and thumbs are destroyed. In their advanced and weakened age, will Trevor a...

0 min
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